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Firsthand Experience a Must With Jaybro: Discover Exciting Early Career Opportunities!

We know you don’t need us to tell you how vital early work experience opportunities can be.

And we also know only some employers get it.

That’s why we partner with organisations like Jaybro, who put work experience and immersive opportunities front and centre so you know exactly where you want to be!

Keep reading to find out more.

Immersive Experience for Students

To help students discover what Jaybro is all about, they’ve been hosting immersion days – a half-day tour of the Jaybro distribution centre in Arndell Park where school students experience what it looks and feels like to work at Jaybro through involvement with different teams and departments.

As you can imagine, it’s been a huge hit!

It’s also a great pre-cursor to the full five-day work experience opportunity Jaybro offers students to get an understanding of everything they have to offer.

“During the last five days, I have learnt so much. I now realise how much work goes into the signs and work clothes that I see every day,” says Terri Ann, who completed work experience in  Superior Safety Warehouse & Signage Production. “The last five days have taught me to appreciate everything made, as we never know how long or how hard it is to create something that looks so simple.”

“Jaybro was integral in providing insight about their industry pathways to all of our Year 10 Trade Readiness students – Warehousing and Logistics, IT,  Graphic Design and Business Marketing,” says Judy Smith, Manager of Entrepreneurial Partnerships at CathWest Innovation College.

“Over three weeks, our students were immersed in the Jaybro Way of… Consider it Done! The program was informative and hands-on, giving the students a comprehensive understanding of how Jaybro began, various industry pathways and hands-on experience in graphic design and warehousing. We are grateful for their generosity and dedication.”

Opening their doors to these students allows them to experience “work-life” at Jaybro, potentially inspiring them to consider traineeships with Jaybro after completing their education.

Jaybro Work Experience FAQ
  1. How long does a work experience placement last? Five days completed in a one-week block.
  2. What departments/work do students explore? Signage Production and Superior Safety Warehouse (Workwear and Safety).
  3. How can students submit interest in completing work experience at Jaybro? Email – they’ll need details of your school and work experience coordinator or teacher to confirm everything.

The Jaybro School-based Traineeship: A Truly Unique Opportunity

Jaybro’s commitment to students doesn’t end with the immersion days. In collaboration with MIGAS, Jaybro supports students interested in pursuing traineeship opportunities.

Following their one-week work experience program, if the students remain interested, Jaybro invites a school-based traineeship to kick-start their career journey.

Their focus on school-based traineeships benefits both students and Jaybro. By working with local schools, they contribute to developing skills, knowledge, and confidence among young individuals in Western Sydney.

At the same time, Jaybro can attract motivated and enthusiastic trainees who may have yet to be noticed by other companies solely focused on academic achievements.

For them, cultural fit and attitude take precedence over grades and certificates.

What Traineeships are Available?

Traineeships have been offered in Warehousing and Logistics, allowing trainees to work full-time whilst completing their Certificate III in Warehousing and Distribution through a Registered Training Organisation or TAFE.

Jaybro offers the employee 3 hours of studying time per week during their working hours to complete their studies in what is generally a two-year traineeship.

Jaybro Group is now exploring traineeships in Business Administration and IT.

How to Apply

Applications are open now and ready for your interest!

You can explore current opportunities right here at Explore Careers via the dedicated Jaybro job page:

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