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Are you ready for a career that helps shape how we live?

At PICA Group, community living has been our passion since 1948. With more than 200,000 lots under management, we have grown from managing Australia’s first strata-titled property to becoming leaders in community living.

Community living is about more than homes, investments, and property. It’s about the connections we make with people to help create vibrant, dynamic spaces where folks can truly feel at home.

Our PICA Group network

As a market leader, we have a unique network of industry specialist businesses with a strong, locally-focused branch network, specialising in property services across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Northern Territory, and Tasmania.

With over 700 staff in over five states and 30 branches, PICA Group strives to create workplaces that reflect our communities, where everyone feels empowered with the tools and support to help manage and extend the property lifecycle.

Our core services

Property management involves a wide range of specialised services to help oversee properties with multiple owners, such as apartment complexes or housing estates. This dynamic industry allows you to interact with diverse groups of people and play an integral part in enhancing their living environments. Here is a look into our core services:

  • Strata management: With over 70 years of experience, we’ve built a leading team of experts dedicated to managing your property carefully and maintaining its value.
  • Facilities management: We oversee the maintenance of residential and commercial properties, helping strata committees and owners save money by proactively identifying maintenance and safety issues.
  • Debt recovery: Kemps Petersons Receivables (KPR), Australia’s largest debt collection specialist, swiftly and cost-effectively recovers funds to ensure committees have the necessary resources to maintain property value.
  • Legal services: Our team at KPL provides client-focused legal services, offering clear communication and practical legal advice for owners and committee members.
  • Property developer services: We have a specialised team that offers technical expertise in establishing, managing, and maintaining property developments, ensuring best practice processes in administration, compliance, and financial management.

Being part of a fast-growing industry means our business always has opportunities. You’ll learn about the various services to help create positive, vibrant, and flourishing communities where you can truly thrive. So, if you’re looking for a career path that’s diverse, engaging, and truly impactful, consider the world of property management.


23 Locations
700+ Staff
1948 Founded in

Life at PICA Group

We asked our people what made working at one of Australia’s largest property services company special. Here’s what they highlighted:

Our People

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at one of Australia’s biggest property services companies? At PICA Group, we’re all about fostering a positive and professional work environment for our team. We’re big believers in continuous professional growth and even cover nationally accredited training costs. We asked our people what made working at PICA Group so special. Here’s what they told us:

  • Making a difference: every day, our focus and energy are geared toward services that enhance community living. We’re also passionate about doing good and giving back.
  • Flexible: our hybrid working model, flexible ways of working and technologies meet diverse individual and team needs.
  • Challenge: we’re on a journey to change the face of property services. Our transformation brings many challenges. You will work hard and, in return, have many opportunities to learn in our constantly changing landscape.
  • Growth: our diversified services mean there are plenty of opportunities for career progression, whether into people management or one of our many specialist departments or transferring to one of our 30+ locations around Australia.
  • Perks: never work on your birthday again; take advantage of industry-leading benefits where there is something for every preference and stage of life.
  • Belonging: reflective of the communities we serve, our teams are rich in diversity, and our people programs ensure you are welcomed, supported, appreciated, and recognised.

At PICA Group, we’re proud of our dedicated team members who bring their unique skills and passion to our work every day. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our employees have to say about their experiences with us:

OPPORTUNITIES TO GROW – Kierstin Ferrao, Business Support Technology Team

“My journey began with PICA Group at BCS Hawthorn (Victoria) 5 years ago as an Assistant Strata Manager.

I am currently on secondment with the EPMO Team as a Change Analyst and have been privileged to work with colleagues from various departments, making my current transition a smooth sail.”

EXTREMELY ACCOMMODATING – Tara Howson, Strata Manager

“PICA Group has been extremely accommodating by allowing me the ability to work for the company while residing in different locations.

It’s nice being part of an organisation that has job opportunities all across Australia and that recognises that it is possible to transfer positions interstate or work remotely depending on your situation.”

Our Values

At PICA Group, our company values matter as they capture the essence of who we are and what we stand for. While we consist of different subsidiary businesses, we are all part of one PICA Group. Our values are like a compass, helping us succeed individually and as a team. They also hold us in good stead in our external relationships and service delivery.

Say it straight

We value honesty and openness in our communication and believe in providing straightforward and clear information to foster trust and authenticity within our organisation.


We are committed to fostering a collaborative environment where diversity in perspectives, skills, and expertise within our teams is valued and respected.

Focus on solutions

We prioritise action and innovation, tackling challenges proactively with positivity and focusing on practical solutions to enhance our products and services.

Relentlessly pursue simplicity

We are committed to uncovering simple, efficient solutions to all challenges, streamlining processes, reducing complexities, and enhancing our teams and customer experience.

Get things done

We’re committed to promptly meeting our commitments, deadlines, and goals. We value strong work ethics and take time to celebrate our team’s achievements.

Delight the customer

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We aim to surpass their expectations by understanding their needs, fostering strong relationships, and building lasting loyalty.

Perks and Benefits

At PICA Group, we believe in celebrating our team and rewarding hard work. We understand the importance of professional growth, so we fully cover the cost of nationally accredited training.

When you join our team, you can expect competitive pay, unwavering career support, access to comprehensive training programs, and the flexibility to balance work and life. Here are the perks and benefits you can enjoy with a career at PICA Group:

Employee assistance program

We provide our team members access to free and confidential support via the Employee Assistance Program.

Corporate discount health insurance

Enjoy reduced discounted rates with Medibank Private, courtesy of our corporate partnership.

Health insurance excess

Every PICA Group team member is eligible for an annual hospital excess reimbursement of up to $500 upon hospital admission.

Corporate Fitness, Health and Wellbeing discounts

Enjoy various employee discounts with leading health and wellness providers like Hello Fresh, Fitness First, and City Cave.

Access to a Mindfulness App

PICA Group team members gain access to MindRazr, a mindfulness app offering online health and wellbeing tips and exercise programs.

Paid parental leave

Our paid parental leave policy offers a top-up of the base salary to match government-paid parental leave for up to 18 weeks (*subject to eligibility).

Flexible working arrangements

We offer flexible working arrangements and hybrid working options for most PICA Group team members.

Birthday leave

We think birthdays should be all about celebrating, not working! That’s why you get a paid day off to kick back and enjoy your special day.

Our Promise

Our Commitment to You

At PICA Group, we’re committed to providing a professional, seamless, and enjoyable experience for every candidate and are always seeking talented, passionate, and customer-oriented individuals to join our team.

We’re constantly growing our network of people, programs and tools designed to help employees grow and manage their careers. No matter what area of the business, the seniority or the nature of the role, we commit to:

  • Providing accurate and informative job requirements
  • Keeping you informed every step of the way
  • Being transparent with you throughout the process
  • Providing and welcoming the opportunity for feedback
  • Respecting your privacy and protecting personal information
  • Providing a welcoming and inclusive experience
Our commitment to diversity

We believe diversity drives innovation, so we’re building a culture where difference is valued.

At PICA Group, our mission is to ‘enhance communities’. Our vision for our internal workforce aligns with our core purpose. It makes sense that our workforce should reflect the diversity of the communities we serve and that our workplace be fair and inclusive, where every employee feels empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work in a culture and environment where they can thrive.

To achieve this, we promote diversity not only in race or gender but also in skillsets, business approaches and individual personalities. This creates a workplace that fosters innovation and encourages a wide range of fresh ideas and perspectives.

Our commitment to sustainability

We understand the importance of sustainability. As part of our commitment to supporting our sustainable communities, we’ve been involved in various initiatives and programs to help our clients implement environmentally friendly practices in their properties that benefit our local natural assets, increase property value, and decrease ongoing costs. Since 2014, we’ve helped facilitate a reverse auction of the electricity contracts, saving $1 million for our owners combined. We also saved up to 70% on common area utility costs through energy optimisation projects for our schemes. See our CommunityGreen page and our articles pages on sustainability.

Our Recruitment Process

At PICA Group, our doors are always open for individuals with diverse skills and competencies. We’re always looking for talented, passionate and customer-focused individuals to join our team.

The property management industry is not just about overseeing properties—it’s about establishing impactful relationships with people to help create positive, vibrant, and flourishing communities where everyone has an opportunity to thrive.

Being part of the rapidly expanding property management field presents many opportunities to grow and learn. If you’re interested in pursuing a career with one of Australia’s leading property services companies, we’re more than willing to welcome those new to the industry. Here is a peak into our simple three-stage recruitment process:

  1. Phone Interview

A recruitment team member will contact you to conduct a 15-20-minute call.

  1. Face-to-face interview

If you have the right skills and experience, you will be invited to attend an interview with the hiring manager and other team members. This interview can be virtual (with cameras on) or in person; depending on the role’s seniority, we may invite you to meet more than once. The interview format may vary. Most interviews will involve the hiring manager asking about your experiences and how you would handle real-life situations related to the role you applied for.

  1. Reference checks

If you have been shortlisted as the preferred candidate, reference checks will be conducted, and you will be asked to complete a national police check. With the successful completion of reference checks, you will be contacted with a verbal offer, and a welcome pack containing your employment contract will be sent to you to start you on your #PICAPeep journey.

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