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Nathan and Kobi on Picking Your Perfect PICA Pathway!

“PICA Group is rich in diversity with people from different ages, walks of life and parts of the world… There’s a variety of roles to suit many interests!”

When Nathan and Kobi were starting out on their career journeys, they weren’t sure that the strata industry was their perfect fit. However, if you fast forward to today, they’re both excelling in roles with PICA Group! What’s more, they’re loving every single minute of it.

Describing the surprisingly vast range of roles available in property services, the welcoming work culture, and the ability to get started without qualifications, Nathan and Kobi make a strong case for choosing PICA Group as your future employer.

Join these strata superstars in our latest interview as they share:

  • PICA Group offers a wide range of positions catering to diverse interests, including creative roles like marketing and design!
  • Exciting on-the-job opportunities and PICA Group pathways.
  • How Kobi’s rewarding management role has sent her confidence skyrocketing.
  • Nathan’s dynamic career journey (did we mention he’s worked with PICA Group in two management roles and across four teams?).
  • Insider property services advice for aspiring team members.
  • All the best bits about working in strata!

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The PICA Group, a true leader in community living, has been committed to solving the property needs of Australians since its debut in 1948. What’s more, their passionate team knows that community isn’t built from just houses and property; it’s built from true connection, which is what the PICA Group aims to cultivates best!

Nowadays, they’re working on some pretty exciting projects in strata management, facilities management, debt recovery, legal services and property developer services.

For a dynamic and future-focused property services career, the PICA Group should be your first point of call. Not only is their team committed to empowering their employees with boundless opportunities; they also offer plenty of no-experience-necessary roles for those of you just starting out. Learn more by visiting their employee profile, or jump straight in via their job listing page.

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