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Engineering a Career of Possibilities With Coates!

12 August 2022

We were stoked to have both David – Technical Engineering Manager – AND Jess – Engineering Intern – with Coates join us for our latest interview!

They gave us fantastic insights into the entry pathways for engineers and why Coates (despite not being on the tip of your tongue when it comes to engineering careers!) is the perfect employer for them.

Jump into this one and discover:

  • Who Coates are, what they do, and why they’re a great employer to consider.
  • How David and Jess started their academic and professional careers as engineers.
  • Why Coates has a world of growth, opportunity and innovation to offer engineers and various roles.
  • The different career opportunities and pathways available at Coates.
  • What the future of work looks like at Coates, across engineering and beyond!

They’re also here to put some of those misconceptions you might have about Coates and what they offer to bed once and for all – and we’re all here for it!

Find Out More

Since 1885, Coates has been supplying high-quality equipment to various industries, including construction, engineering, infrastructure, mining and resources, manufacturing, agriculture and significant events. But as you can tell from David and Jess’ talk – there’s so much more to explore!

Discover all the growth Coates offers as you get started on your career via their exclusive employer profile available at Explore Carers!

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