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Engineering Your Future Career in Tech With a WiseTech Internship

“I feel like I can dive in and learn what it is that I really want to learn with WiseTech.” – Lukasz Swierczynski, Software Engineer Intern

Curious about how to get started working for a global technology company like WiseTech? One of their incredible internships could be the stepping stone to finding out!

Check out this short video interview with Lukasz Swierczynski and William Kennedy, two Software Engineering Interns working on real-world projects at #WiseTech while they complete their studies at the University of New South Wales.

Hear from Lukasz and Willian as they share:

  • Why they each chose a career in tech.
  • How they discovered WiseTech and got started on their internship journey.
  • What the intern experience is really
  • How the open, honest and supportive culture aids their growth and learning.
  • Why WiseTech’s best-in-class leaders and mentors, meaningful impact, and rotation program are just a few of the reasons they love it!

Perfect viewing for anyone interested in the tech industry, internships, and especially a career at WiseTech. Hit play below to watch the full video now:

Find Out More

Working at WiseTech Global is more than just a job. They put you in the driver’s seat of your career, empowering you with the tools, support and freedom to learn and grow at your own pace.

Learning is a life-long journey, and WiseTech is with you every step of the way – come find out more on their exclusive employer profile at Explore Careers now!

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