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“Making a positive contribution to society is at the core of WiseTech’s DNA. We think deeply about our impact on the planet and society and are as committed to innovating and advancing human potential today as we were in the early days of WiseTech.” Richard White, Founder & CEO, WiseTech Global

Real-world impact

Working at WiseTech Global is more than just a job. Our software, CargoWise, brings meaningful, continual improvement to the world’s supply chains. Think about it, when you make a purchase, whether it’s a gaming console, the latest phone or a gift for a friend, what journey has that item had to go on just to reach you? The global supply chain is an incredibly complex and fragmented industry, and it’s in this complex world, that the power of our technology and the brilliance of our people deliver real-world impact.

Shape your career journey

We put you in the driver’s seat of your career, empowering you with the tools, support and freedom to learn and grow at your own pace. When you join WiseTech’s product development team, you’ll spend the first 6 months in our rotation program. This enables you to work in different teams and product areas before choosing your specialty. Learning is a life-long journey, and we’re with you every step of the way.​

A unique, curious and innovative team

Expert leaders and mentors, meaningful impact, and our rotation program are just a few of the reasons why students and graduates launch and grow their careers at WiseTech. We recognise that you are an individual on your career journey, which is why we don’t do things the old-fashioned way when it comes to bringing new graduates into the team. The diverse nature of our work, people, and unique way of working creates great opportunities.


50+ Offices
2,000+ Team Members
1994 Founded

Life at WiseTech Global

Setting you up for success

We offer a range of programs to help our people develop their skills and knowledge, including our rotation program, WiseTech Academy, mentoring, online learning programs, resilience training and more.

Our hybrid work model also means you get the best of both worlds – collaborating in the office with your teammates or catching up virtually from home – we believe in giving our people flexibility so they can do their best work.

Commitment to society and the world

We’re committed to making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate. We aim to minimise our resource usage and invest in energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable practices.

We support our people to give back in their communities and get involved in the causes that matter to them, volunteering, workplace giving and sponsorship of for-purpose organisations, events and charities.


We’re proud of our highly diverse and inclusive workforce. Our employees range in age from 18 to 70+ and are made up of more than 60 nationalities working together.  Get to know some of our people and their stories.


Our future growth and innovation are driven by the talent, motivation and enthusiasm of our global team. We encourage our people to have bold ideas and create bold products. ​

Our mantras are the basis for a work environment that is empowering and fulfilling, where what we do is important not just for ourselves, but for the world. ​

We’re all about helping you succeed. Our culture is centred on a flat structure, where anyone can talk to anyone at any time and you’re encouraged to bring your ideas to the table.  ​

Our mantras guide us – from anyone can talk to anyone at any time and slower today, faster forever to lead others, manage yourself – we’re committed to enhancing the quality of life of our employees, partners and the communities we operate in. ​

Why join WiseTech Global?

Career-defining work

We’re an engineer-founded and led-tech company, with research and development at the core of what we do. We build technology that makes a difference to the world we live in. Over the past two decades, we’ve dedicated over 5.3 million development hours on technology development.​ Our global team of 1,000+ product and development experts all work together to make real impact. As part of the team, you’ll be working on projects that contribute to real solutions used by our customers. ​

Shape your career with our rotation program ​

Our 26-week rotation program offers you an opportunity to develop skills and experience a range of product focus areas – from machine learning and international logistics to cross-border compliance and accounting – so that you can choose what’s the best fit for you.  ​​We believe in empowering you to develop your own career and interests, so you get to nominate your team preferences for rotations two and three. ​​Through our rotation program, you get to work with a wide range of team members, learn about our culture, technologies and different business areas.

Find out more about our rotation program.

Supporting you with our mentor program ​

Our mentors will guide you in your first few months with us. They’ll help you develop skills that’ll set you up for success at WiseTech and support you in achieving your career goals. They’ll answer your questions and share feedback with you during your rotations – to acknowledge your awesome achievements and help you identify opportunities for growth. ​We work hard to improve ourselves, our colleagues, our teams, our products and our business, and value what you have to say, so we’ll ask you for your feedback after each rotation too.

Ongoing training and development

We’re all about helping you succeed, which is why we offer our people a range of programs to help them develop their skills and knowledge, including our rotation program; our very own registered training organisation, WiseTech Academy; mentoring; online learning programs; resilience training, leadership skills and more.  We want the curious, inquisitive, and problem solvers to thrive in an environment that values your development through every step of your career.

Meet Jacob

Jacob Dunk, Software Engineering Team Leader

How did you get into software development?

I was fascinated with technology from a young age and discovered programming at about 11. By high school, I was spending 30–40 hours a week learning programming, so by the time I started university I had the knowledge of a graduate software developer.

Why was your career path so unique?

After two years as a casual software developer at WiseTech, I realised that the knowledge and skills I was learning on the job were far more advanced than the concepts I was learning in my degree, so I decided to move to part-time study and full-time work. Eight years later, I’m now a Team Leader at WiseTech and will graduate with my Bachelor of Engineering in the next couple of years.

Words of advice

Understanding what you enjoy will take you a long way.

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