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Launch Your STEM Career From A to B with WiseTech!

Ever ordered something online? Of course, you have! In that case, there’s a pretty good chance that WiseTech Global’s software has been used to help get the product to your house!

But who is WiseTech, and what exactly do they do?

Here to clue us up is Dillon, a Software Engineer in their Data Science and Machine Learning Team. We’re not going to lie – we’re not big tech-heads here in the office, but we were hanging on Dillon’s every word about what he does – it’s pretty cool!

Dillon gives us the full download on:

  • Who WiseTech is, what they do, and what his role in Data Science & Machine Learning involves.
  • What the work culture is like, how they support young people and the incredibly diverse and welcoming environment that WiseTech creates.
  • How a work experience opportunity in year 10 with WiseTech led to an internship and the rewarding and exciting career he has today! (How cool is that?!)
  • What Big Data means, the complex problems he’s helping to solve in his work, and how this makes a difference to everyone using the software.
  • How to manage interview nerves and his top tips for making it through.
  • Why a dedication to his own learning has helped him decide on what he wanted to do for a career, set him above the competition and his advice on how you can do the same.

Dillon also shares some insightful advice on handling the transition from school to work and some of his top tips on balancing these changes effectively.

If you’re thinking a career in STEM could be for you, you definitely won’t want to miss this one!

Find Out More

Working at WiseTech Global is more than just a job. They put you in the driver’s seat of your career, empowering you with the tools, support and freedom to learn and grow at your own pace.

Learning is a life-long journey, and WiseTech is with you every step of the way – come find out more on their exclusive employer profile at Explore Careers now!

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