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Power Up Your Career Potential as a Powerlink Apprentice! NOW HIRING!

You know when people talk about finding their ‘perfect career’ with the ‘perfect employer’, and you find yourself thinking, “Well, there’s got to be at least one thing you don’t like about it?” 

Well, the answer is a great big nope, from Torben Pellicaan, Field Test Apprentice with Powerlink! He can’t think of even one thing he doesn’t like about his role with the energy leaders – and the more we chatted with him, the easier it was to see why!

Torben joins us in our latest employee interview to share:

  • More about who Powerlink are, what they do and the services they offer.
  • How Torben started as an apprentice, and what his future career pathway looks like with Powerlink.
  • The different types of roles and responsibilities Torben has as an apprentice and what a typical day might look like.
  • How Powerlink strongly advocates for an outstanding work-life balance with a positive well-being culture.
  • Why Torben loves the travel involved with his role and how this helps him explore his own interests while also working in such a fulfilling role!

Torben – you’ve sold it to us! Along with an excellent overview of the different ways you can get started with Powerlink and the best way to discover the right path for you, Torben’s chat with us is not to be missed!

Find Out More

A leading Australian provider of high-voltage electricity transmission network services, Powerlink provides electricity to more than five million Queenslanders and 238,000 businesses.

The Powerlink network extends 1,700 km from Cairns to the New South Wales border. It comprises 15,345 circuit km of transmission lines and 147 substations! Powerlink will play a critical role in delivering the  Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan. We will drive coordinated and efficient development of Renewable Energy Zones, connect storage such as pumped hydro and support new load growth such as hydrogen and electrification of heavy industry.

Powerlink is invested in developing the future leaders and specialists of the energy industry – and they want to meet YOU! Head to their exclusive Explore Careers profile to learn more and applytoday.

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