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Meet Eric, Law Graduate at Ashurst

25 October 2022

My name is Eric. I am a Law Graduate at Ashurst, currently working in the Transport & Infrastructure team.

There is a lot to love about a career in law at Ashurst. I can expect to start off a typical day by drafting a contract for a mega transport project before rushing off to a midday training seminar about market developments. In the afternoon, I may jump onto my second matter and carry on with my review of a target company’s legal documentation. The aim will be to find “red-flags” which my team will raise with our client in a later meeting. To finish off the day, I might conduct some case law research for an ongoing pro bono matter.

My passage into the legal industry began with a love of the subjects I studied for HSC. I studied English, Maths, History, Business Studies and Legal Studies. I found that these subjects developed a passion for critical thinking, advocacy and commerce. These are all skills and interests that I now find pair extremely well with a legal career.

If you are a student picking your HSC electives, my foremost advice would be to pick the subjects you are most interested in. This would yield the best results for you and, after all, there are no prerequisites for law school. You may want to consider picking a few humanities based subjects as this can really refine your skill for language and persuasion. Though, I would not discourage you from picking a few science-type subjects as they encourage an eye for method which is also useful in a law firm setting.

Beyond your academic studies, I would encourage you to become involved in extra-curriculars. Debating, sport and various kinds of work experience are some valuable things to get stuck in. However, do not limit yourself to activities that you may think lead into a career in law. Again, pursue your passions. The legal profession can only be further enriched with a diversity of interests and lived experience.

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