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Keeping it in the Family with Nutrien Ag Agricultural Careers!

The agricultural industry is one of Australia’s longest-standing – and largest – employer markets, and it has come a LONG way in recent years!

But what could a career in agriculture really look like, and where do you get started?

Here to answer all our questions is Sam, a Livestock Trainee with the innovative agricultural company Nutrien Ag Solutions. As a third-generation Livestock Agent, Sam knows a thing or two about how much this varied industry has to offer!

Sam shares with us:

  • Who Nutrien Ag are, what they do, and the wide variety of agricultural careers available with them.
  • What a Livestock Trainee does, the wide variety of Sam’s day-to-day, and what a traineeship with Nutrien Ag looks like.
  • Why Sam loves the hands-on tasks he’s involved in, travelling around, seeing the country and meeting incredible people along the way.
  • What made Nutrien Ag stand out for Sam and how the company’s reputation sets them well ahead in agriculture.

Sam’s passion and love for the industry are completely infectious, and we know it’ll motivate more than a few of you to explore this powerhouse of an Australian industry!

As Sam says – give it a crack! You’ll never know where it might take you.

Find Out More

Reaching every corner of Australia, with a team of 4,000 experts working with farmers to solve challenges, Nutrien Ag Solutions is a globally backed business with a local focus.

Working to provide everything farmers need to grow our world from the ground up, there’s a huge world of careers to explore with Nutrien Ag! Get started on their employer profile today.

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