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Explore How Kate’s Career in Sustainability is Making a Difference!

Are you interested in making the world a cleaner, greener and more sustainable place? You could turn your environmental efforts into a rewarding career.

As Visy’s General Manager of Sustainability, Kate’s job is to find sustainable solutions and make sure they’re implemented. Essentially, she works to ensure that the impact on the environment is considered at each step of Visy’s operations.

Highlighting all the best bits about her eco-conscious career, Kate shares:

  • Her vital role in tracking water waste and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • What exciting growth is happening in the world of recycling.
  • Top tips for aspiring Visy superstars (Psst. Don’t write Visy off if you don’t like management; there’s a role for everyone!).
  • Her dynamic and shifting day-to-day operations.
  • How you can land a career that saves the planet!

Find Out More

Australian-owned Visy is best known for making waves in the sustainable packaging and recycling industries. In short, they’re famous for saving the world! By promoting a circular economy and denouncing ‘throw-away’ culture, Visy wants us to reconsider our relationship with waste.

Instead of merely filling landfills, they’re taking used paper, cardboard, glass, plastics and metals and giving them new lives. With their help, Australian communities are relying less on natural resources and more on sustainable materials; a mission that you can help with, too!

Visy offers a myriad of opportunities for their people to help create a greener tomorrow. Whether you want to work in the manufacturing or corporate sectors, they’ll find a way for you to make a difference.

Take the first step towards a future-focused career by visiting their employee profile or checking out their open roles today!

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