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How the Power of Curiosity Unlocks a Career in Analytics

A lot of time, we’re expected to answer some pretty big questions quite early on in life like, “what do you want to spend the rest of your life doing?”

And while it’s great if you know the answer, for many, it’s not as straightforward. Instead of seeing this as a problem to be overcome, we should see it for what it is: a fantastic opportunity.

Not quite knowing what you want to do is the spark to one of the best qualities you can have for your career – curiosity.

It’s something Jiangshan Xu, a University of Technology Sydney (UTS) student, is already learning.

Sparking Curiosity in Data Science

For Jiangshan Xu, data science wasn’t necessarily on his radar at the start of his studies, but as he explored the world of learning with an open mind and curiosity, he soon realised he was onto something really good.

As part of his Master of IT, SAS was a key part of the data analytics fundamental subjects. For Jiangshan – coming from a non-data and analytics course – this opened his eyes even further to the careers that were opening up, the opportunities and applications of analytics and how he could combine his innate creativity with his burgeoning passion for analysing data.

Curiosity is central to Jiangshan’s story and saying ‘yes’ to new opportunities. “My main suggestion would be to participate in opportunities and not opt-out just because it’s optional.

“If you find an area you are interested in, dive deeper. Courses guide getting started in an area but will not cover everything. It’s the passion, spending extra time and effort and self-guided learning that leads to achievements,” said Jiangshan.

Read Jiangshan’s full story here

Who Are SAS?

SAS is on a mission to realise its vision of a world where everyone can make better decisions, grounded in trusted data and assisted by the power of analytics.

And they want YOU to help them do it!

Check out the complete employer profile on Explore Careers now.

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