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We believe curiosity is at the heart of human progress.

Our vision is to transform a world of data into a world of intelligence and we envision a world where everyone can make better decisions, grounded in trusted data and assisted by the power of SAS® Analytics. We believe curiosity is empowered through education outreach and that education gives each new generation the power to change what is possible. Around the world, SAS education initiatives promote learning for all and encourages interest in STEM.

Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires organisations around the world. When the Nepal earthquake hit, the nation turned to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). And IOM turned to SAS to use analytics to make a difference to thousands of displaced families. And with only 7,000 cheetahs left in the world (down from 100,000 a century ago) SAS and WildTrack are exploring how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to enhance conservation efforts.

When every employee arrives at SAS each morning, it offers them the chance to create something completely original! And we are also proud to be ranked in the Great Place to Work® Top 50 list of Australia’s best Employers.

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SAS Overview: Find out what The Power to Know can do for you
SAS Overview: Find out what The Power to Know can do for you
SAS Campus Tour
SAS Campus Tour
STEM: The Choice is Yours
STEM: The Choice is Yours
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Key Values

1. Our values

Our company values are a set of behaviours and actions that set the tone for our organisation. They describe the behaviours we expect of ourselves and our fellow employees and inform our customers about the type of relationship they can expect when they choose to work with us. Our values influence everything we do at SAS – from the software we create, to our social media interactions, to our conversations with each other and our customers.

  • Accountable – We’re responsible, we do things right, and we exceed what’s expected.
  • Authentic – We’re genuine, we’re transparent, and we lead with integrity.
  • Curious – We’re relentless problem solvers, unafraid to challenge assumptions by being creative and forward-thinking.
  • Passionate – We’re committed to excellence in everything we do, and we thrive on meaningful work.

2. Analytics in action

Today, using analytics to understand customers, is now a vital part of how organisations use data. However, as more and more devices connect to the Internet of Things, data from computer networks, sensors and personal wearables comes flooding in. Without a way to handle and make sense of it, all that data is useless. The shift in available data is only one part of the picture. There is a new analytics culture emerging. It is built on the foundation of this widespread access to lots of data and it’s fuelled by the innovative, experimental and unconventional spirit of the millennial generation. This, combined with the availability of powerful new techniques and scalable computing power is giving rise to Analytics in Action.

Analytics in Action from SAS provides the framework to embrace the technological and cultural shifts at play and make them work for your organisation. From DATA, through DISCOVERY to DEPLOYMENT, SAS has mastered these three disciplines that will affect and challenge established decision-making activities.

3. The Great Place to Work Story

We are delighted that SAS Australia has again made the list of the Best Places to Work, coming in at 15. We are proud to have this recognition and our ranking is one of many measures of success for us. One of our strategic goals is to be in the top three of the Best Places to Work in Australia. We know this is an audacious goal and not without it’s challenges. It takes unwavering dedication and consistent effort from everyone to ‘stay the course’ regardless of whether they are in our Executive Team or a new hire in our Graduate Program. We are creating a culture of innovation, operational excellence, team work and camaraderie.

We know that building the best possible environment is how we’re going to get highly engaged and motivated employees driving the best outcomes for our customers and SAS. It’s important to us that our employees feel trusted, respected and valued and that they know on any given day that what they do fits into our overall company strategies and goals.

Brendan Gregor, Human Resources Director, ANZ at SAS.

4. SAS® is the most valuable career skill, per Money and PayScale study

A recent study confirmed what thousands of employees already know: SAS skills are the biggest pay differentiator in the market. Money and PayScale “analysed 54 million employee profiles, across 350 industries, with 15,000 job titles – from entry-level workers to top execs. The result: an authoritative list of the skills with the best payoff in the workforce today.

Of all skills considered by employers, the report found SAS to be worth the most in terms of salary. A likely cause: the rise of big data. “…Companies can use this information to do things like target new customers, improve service, and offer more personalised products – as long as they employ folks who understand how to organise, analyse, and apply it,” states the report.

5. Data for Good – Analytics helping humanity

Some people look at data and see numbers.  Others look at numbers and see faces. SAS is proud to be part of the Data for Good movement, which encourages using data in meaningful ways to solve humanitarian issues around poverty, health, human rights, education and the environment.

Want to change things? Join the crowd. GatherIQ™ is a crowdsourcing community of volunteers who aren’t afraid to dig into some data. And offer a fresh perspective that can turn the world’s most challenging social issues into solvable puzzles. Our app brings together the power of SAS® software, the talents of everyday problem-solvers and the life-saving causes of non-profits around the world. You don’t need to be a data scientist. Or spend hours of your time. Just get involved. Learn more about Gather IQ and current projects at

6. Early Career Programs

Early Career Programs

Would you describe yourself as a self-motivator with an entrepreneurial spirit? A problem solver who isn’t afraid of a little competition because you’ve done your homework better than everyone else? And the kind of communicator who listens first and then makes things happen? If that sounds like you, SAS offers excellent entry-level training programs — as a pre-sales associate or, sales associate — for recent graduates enthusiastic about taking what they have learnt into the real world of business.

SAS isn’t just looking for graduates. We’re looking for the right graduates. You’ll work hard, be challenged to push yourself, and contribute from day one. Whether you choose a sales or technical track, we’ll provide the strong foundation you need to succeed. And you can feel good about your career choice because SAS is creating software solutions that are making a difference in the world.

So what describes a successful candidate? SAS is looking for smart and inquisitive individuals who push the boundaries of what you can achieve with technology and help transform the world of our customers, through the innovative use of analytics. You need to be:

  • Tech Savvy – experienced with programming languages
  • Data Savvy – experienced with exploring and analysing data
  • Passionate – understands the importance of data analytics and the impact smart thinking plays on the world around us

7. SAS Work Placement Program

SAS has a long history of supporting students and graduates, and of helping our customers address their need for talented people. One key way we do this is through the SAS Work Placement Program. The SAS Work Placement Program has been running for over 10 years and matches STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students and graduates with SAS skills to SAS customers. It gives organisations the chance to offer students an opportunity to demonstrate their SAS skills. Students gain real-world experience by putting their theoretical study into practice.

Students and graduates are matched with SAS customers via the Ribit digital matching service. Ribit is an online platform and in collaboration with SAS, sets out to make this early career pool more visible and accessible through an intuitive digital solution underpinned by data and analytics!

With an industry skills gap looming, and an estimated 85% of Fortune 500 organisations unable to effectively exploit big data, now is the perfect time to learn analytics, experience SAS technology and take the opportunity of hands-on work experience with a SAS customer.

The demand for analytical talent is already outstripping supply. In the US alone the projection is 3 million unfilled Big Data jobs by 2018, and of course, that has a lot of parallels here in Australia. The SAS Work Placement Program aims to grow the level of SAS skills out in the marketplace and to encourage new adopters – both amongst students and universities.

8. SAS® Analytics U

For more than three decades, SAS has partnered with educational institutions around the world to develop the analytical leaders of the future. From working with Professors to Students, SAS continues to work with a wide range of Academic institutes, supporting and sponsoring program. SAS is passionate about education – it’s in the company’s DNA. Since our founding in 1976 SAS has invested in universities through software provision, training and research.

It’s in our long term interests to maintain close ties with academia, not only through embracing new directions in technology at an early stage but also in developing the next generation of SAS® users. Worldwide over 3,000 higher education institutions and universities use SAS for teaching and research. SAS® Analytics U embraces all the SAS engagement programmes with universities and higher education.

9. FREE SAS Software for Learning

SAS® Analytics U provides free SAS Software ensuring analytics is always within reach. SAS University Edition offers free use of SAS foundational technologies, ideal for data and statistical analysis in teaching, research and self-paced learning. Available to download, SAS University Edition is offered worldwide for use on PCs or Macs.

10. Curriculum Pathways

Curriculum Pathways was developed to help increase student achievement and support teachers in the classroom. Curriculum Pathways provides web-based curriculum resources in all core disciplines and is accessible via single sign-on through a variety of learning management systems.

Curriculum Pathways encourages students to explore, experiment and learn. All lessons have measurable outcomes, requiring students to apply, evaluate or synthesise information. And Curriculum Pathways provides simulations and learning activities that incorporate real data so that students can experience and understand real-world applications.

There are currently no jobs available

Unfortunately there are currently no positions available at SAS, please check back soon.