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SAS is the leader in analytics

Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence. As the leader in analytics software and services, SAS transforms data into insights and allows you to discover new opportunities.

SAS has been ranked in the Great Place to Work® list of Australia’s Best 50 Employers for the last 10 years and has been Globally ranked in the top 10 year on year.

SAS helps customers to “Transform a World of Data into a World of Intelligence” SAS is a Global company helping thousands of customers across all industries to solve complex business problems. Our customer’s use SAS Solutions with their data, to make better business decisions, such as to help develop medical treatments faster or support conservation charities better protect the world around us.

We envision a world where everyone can make better decisions, grounded in trusted data and assisted by the power of analytics. And when decisions happen at just the right moment, advancements are set in motion and the world moves forward. Examples include;

  • Protecting endangered species by identifying and monitoring digital images of animal footprints
  • Changing conversations about behavioural health through data analysis
  • Finding the next football star with artificial intelligence
  • Keeping aircraft operational for crucial missions using Machine Learning
  • Transforming social welfare with analytics

“We’re committed to building the next generation of data-savvy professionals…. Anyone who wants a good-paying, recession-proof skill set should consider a career in analytics.”
– Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS

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SAS Overview: Find out what The Power to Know can do for you
SAS Overview: Find out what The Power to Know can do for you
SAS Campus Tour
SAS Campus Tour
STEM: The Choice is Yours
STEM: The Choice is Yours
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SAS Australia offers 3 entry-level programs which will enable you to join SAS and pursue a career in either Customer Advisory, Sales or Professional Services. They are the SAS Customer Advisory Academy, the SAS Sales Academy and the SAS Technical Enablement Academy.

The SAS Customer Advisory Academy starts with an intensive training program based in the SAS head office in North Carolina, America. The academy training covers extensive and in-depth knowledge of SAS software and solutions and how to support selling. You will cover Visualisation, Analytics and Data Management as well as presentation skills, demo techniques and vision creation. On completion, you will return to the Customer Advisory team in SAS Australia and have 2 years of structured mentoring in your role to best enable your success.

The SAS Sales Academy starts with a similar intensive training program based in the SAS head office in North Carolina, America. The academy training includes all you need to know about how to sell SAS software and solutions, including business case development and social selling. On completion, you will return to the Sales team in SAS Australia and have 2 years of structured mentoring in your role to best enable your success. And the SAS Technical Enablement Academy also starts with an intensive training program based in the SAS head office in North Carolina, America. The academy training covers extensive and in-depth technical knowledge of SAS software. On completion, you will return to SAS Australia and have 2 years of structured mentoring in one of the technical departments such as Technical Support and Consultancy.

What does a successful candidate look like?

The SAS academy positions are exciting opportunities for both students and SAS. For the student, the programs provide extensive training and an opportunity to gain real world experience. For SAS, the programs introduce new talent into the business. These are fun and educational experiences to help build strong foundations for your future career.

So what describes a successful candidate? SAS is looking for smart and inquisitive individuals who push the boundaries of what you can achieve with technology and help transform the world of our customers, through the innovative use of analytics. You need to be:

Tech Savvy – experienced with programming languages and/or modelling tools
Data Savvy – experienced with exploring and analysing data
Passionate – understands the importance of data analytics and the impact smart thinking plays on the world around us
Tenacious – takes every activity as an opportunity to learn and apply new thinking
Study areas – has studied a degree containing STEAM subjects e.g.; statistics, analytics, actuarial studies, technology, mathematics, engineering, business etc.
Communication – demonstrates strong communication verbal and written skills
Resourceful – demonstrates an ability to explore and self-source information, and independently learn and apply this learning.

Connecting With…

Connecting with our customers, our purpose and our employees

“SAS is the world leader in data analytics. For over 40 years, SAS has provided businesses and government agencies around the world with solutions to give them The Power to Know®.”

Our software helps organisations extract insight from data, enabling them to make better decisions. In a world of sensors everywhere, connected devices and phones in every pocket, data volumes are skyrocketing, which brings new challenges and opportunities.

To succeed in this digital age, organisations must find new ways to unlock the value in their data. This is where SAS comes in. With SAS analytics, companies and government agencies are making sense of their data faster and better than ever before.

Connecting with Talent

We want employees to be thrilled about choosing SAS. We want them to be excited the day they accept a job with us, at the end of their first day, their first year and even after 20 years. To find the right fit for SAS, we use a strategic recruitment model to attract and hire top talent. We strive to hire employees who will embrace our culture and company values. In fact it’s as part of our recruitment process, where candidates are asked behavioural questions to demonstrate how they align to SAS’ global values.

Connecting with Purpose to Inspire

Inspiration at SAS is cultivated through engaging employees in the benefits our business provides to the community and our customers that goes beyond providing technology solutions. SAS’ purpose is to “Transform a World of Data into a World of Intelligence”. As an organisation being able to deliver on this purpose provides our employees with enormous pride and inspiration. Understanding why we do what we do, reinforces this pride and continually strengthens employee engagement and commitment to SAS, our customer and delivering on our purpose.

Connecting with our employees through authentic, transparent communication

SAS has recognised that one of the areas that will increase both employee and customer satisfaction is through effective communication. Employees are given many opportunities to be heard and to listen to management speak about the company strategy. Working for SAS, employees understand they are able to speak directly to the senior management.

In fact SAS goes out of its way to create different forms of communications to accommodate different communication styles. There are a number of forums and initiatives that are designed to share information with employees and foster a culture of transparency. A priority at SAS is maintaining face-to-face updates and regular two-way communication channels, not just one way.

Connecting with employees by listening to all voices

SAS has many avenues for employees to communicate, provide feedback and talk to peer groups and leaders. Active communication; “better business conversations” are encouraged. SAS proactively seeks out the opinion of employees to actively make improvements. With employees located across Australia and New Zealand, we recognise that we need to stay connected with all employees, and so to facilitate this, we use many technologies to support this. From email and phone catch-ups to video conferencing and Skype meetings, SAS employees are encouraged and supported to provide two-way communication.

Connecting with our Values and Recognising our Employees

SAS has extensive and diverse award programs that recognises employees across the business for their achievements, successes and demonstration of the SAS Values. At SAS, we understand the importance of rewarding and recognising employees, as this results in employees feeling valued, having a sense of pride in their work and enjoying celebrating the success of others.

Connecting employees with development to reach their potential

To support employee development, we have our Development initiative. This consists of interactive workshops that provide employees with the insights into why development is important, self-assessments tools to determine what their strengths and interests are – which informs their development goals and an understanding of how they can create their development plan. To further complement the Development Workshops, SAS has partnered with an external talent management business who regularly meet with employees to provide advice on how to get the most out of their development plan.

Connecting Work and Family

SAS Australia supports its employees both within the workplace and outside, with a range of leave options, on-site services and health and wellbeing programs. SAS cares about employees’ wellbeing as we know healthy employees tend to be happier and more productive employees. SAS is genuine about how it cares for our employees, which is demonstrated by our many and diverse programs.

Connecting with the community and our environment

SAS believes in sharing the success of the business – both through generous, equitable compensation and benefits for all employees and through donations of money, time and resources to vital causes like education, charities and community development. SAS endeavours to give to those charities that are in immediate need of donations, as well as to those that are close to the hearts of our employees.

Connecting SAS with Schools

SAS Curriculum Pathways was developed to help increase student achievement and support teachers in the classroom. Curriculum Pathways provides web-based curriculum resources in all core disciplines and is accessible via single sign-on through a variety of learning management systems.

Curriculum Pathways encourages students to explore, experiment and learn. All lessons have measurable outcomes, requiring students to apply, evaluate or synthesize information. And SAS Curriculum Pathways provides simulations and learning activities that incorporate real data so that students can experience and understand real-world applications.

Meet Simon

Simon Edwards

Senior Solutions Architect, Senior Technical Account Manager

I graduated from Otago University with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, and have worked in areas as diverse as business process, business intelligence, data management, big data, integration, and of course analytics.

Describe your career with SAS

I was approached four years ago by SAS to focus on Hadoop and big data analytics, and since then I have branched out to cover more general architectural concerns. I love being able to cover everything from looking at the big picture strategically with customers through Enterprise Architecture, tying technology together to meet these goals through Solution Architecture, and then diving down into practical implementation matters through Technical Architecture. Diverse conversations with customers and a variety of problems to solve make every day interesting in its own right.

Why is SAS/working in analytics a great place to work

SAS is a great place to work because it holds such a unique culture of collaboration and “family”. Sharing, curiosity, and passion are all highly valued at SAS. Delivering value through Analytics is an exciting field because there’s always a new problem to play with. I certainly never get bored!

Advice to students seeking a career?

Diversify your interests and become as much of a polymath as you can, even if you know you want to specialise in a field. Your ability to cross-pollinate ideas from different fields and different walks of life will be one of the most valuable personal differentiators you can bring to a role, both in terms of being able to innovate, and communicate with customers and co-workers.

Gender Equality

SAS has a multi-dimensional culture that blends our different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

We want everyone to feel confident in expressing their ideas and know that they will be respected for their unique contributions and abilities. SAS recognises the importance of having different types of people on teams and harnesses this power of diversity to access a wider range of skills and talent, to help them work more effectively. SAS employees all have different skills to suit their roles within the business, but everyone shares a passion for how SAS can transform the world of our customers and that of the wider community through data and analytics.

We believe a diverse workforce brings unique talents and inspires teams to create software that can change the world. Great minds don’t always think alike, so we make it a priority to promote an environment where varied perspectives are encouraged. Big ideas ignite when everyone is treated with fairness and respect.

Women at SAS

SAS is an Equal Opportunity Employer and hires people based on their skills. SAS offers training and advancement to all employees, often promoting people from within the company and encourages employees to move between business units throughout their careers. There is female representation across all business units with women employed in positions ranging from Graduates to Senior Vice Presidents with representation on the Executive Board.

There are currently no jobs available

Unfortunately there are currently no positions available at SAS, please check back soon.