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SAS Curiosity: What are you curious about?

04 May 2023

SAS Codesnaps – One robot. One tablet. A classroom full of coders.

What skill is becoming increasingly valuable and can prepare children for the future?

In today’s digital world, coding is an essential skill. It helps develop a range of essential skills, such as critical thinking. Which in turn helps children  think logically and methodically, and  develop computational thinking and problem-solving skills. They learn how to break down problems into smaller parts, analyse them, and develop solutions. Coding involves trial and error, which encourages children to persist in finding solutions to problems, and creativity – to express themselves and explore new ideas.

By learning to code at a young age, children are also better prepared for future roles, such  as:

  • Business Superstars
  • Creative Geniuses
  • Tech Wiz
  • Marketing Guru

Download SAS CodeSnaps for free NOW and for ready-to-Go lessons!

About SAS

SAS helps customers to ‘Transform a World of Data into a World of Intelligence’. Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers worldwide to transform data into intelligence. SAS transforms data into insights, allowing its customers to discover new opportunities and make better business decisions.

About SAS CodeSnaps

The SAS CodeSnaps App is an excellent resource to introduce children to coding.

  1. Helps teach concepts as diverse as geometry, friction, and teamwork
  2. Using printed coding blocks, children create programs that, when scanned by the CodeSnaps App, can be executed on a robotic ball
  3. Allows children to work collaboratively to build a program with the app to control a Sphero robot to run an obstacle course, play soccer, navigate a map and more
  4. Explore the basics of computer science and
  5. Prepare children to be the next generation of coders

SAS CodeSnaps has received positive feedback from teachers who have used it as a classroom tool.

Click here for more lesson ideas using CodeSnaps and learn how you can engage and empower children through computer science. Or email us at!

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