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SAS School Engagement a Big Hit!

12 October 2022

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing an employer go the extra mile to showcase to young people what they have to offer and engage with students in proactive ways that help them connect their career ideas with the real world of work.

Last month, SAS welcomed Year 11 students from Woodleigh School, VIC, to offer them a full tour of the SAS Melbourne offices.

Alongside the tour, students had the opportunity to hear from SAS employees about the different aspects of the company, their roles and their career journeys. Students were able to learn about career pathways in data analytics, consulting, pre-sales and sales.

Speakers included:

Talks like this are a fantastic way for students to start understanding where different skills and academic pathways fit into real-life jobs, ready to apply that learning to their own plans and career decisions.

Lucy Biasi, SAS Academic Program Manager, said Woodleigh had approached them in 2019 to see how they could work together to support students – little did they know it would become an annual event with a focused group of students keen to learn more about where an interest in technology and analytics could take them.

Data science has become a hot topic in both industry and academia and as this trend will certainly continue at a rapid pace,” explains Lucy. “Most of the students were hearing about SAS® for the first time – it was fantastic at how amazed the students were seeing firsthand real customer examples of how powerful SAS was in making sense of huge amounts of data. It was exciting to introduce them to this fascinating area of science and technology and we look forward in seeing the next generation of aspiring data scientists.”

After hearing from the dedicated employee speakers, students were then taken through the offices to get a feel for the workplace, had the chance to ask further questions and play some table tennis!

Taking careers education out of the classroom is proven to empower students and help them feel more connected to their own career decisions as they enter their later school years.

Gina Bolch, Directory of Careers and Community Partnerships from Woodleigh School, advised that much like SAS, Woodleigh is a progressive school, always looking for new and innovative ways to approach challenges:

“Education is about extending learning beyond the classroom and providing opportunities for students to engage with the real world. To provide students with an opportunity to ask questions and speak with a range of experts is one of the most powerful experiences in shaping career choices. SAS were able to provide students with incredible insights into future employment, but also showcase the importance of preparing for a world that is constantly changing.”

Gina also acknowledged the rare opportunity that these in-person events offer students, especially in recent years, and the vital role it plays in motivating their engagement with career opportunities:

“Students have gained first-hand experience in seeing what an industry looks and “feels” like. Very rarely are students’ able to access such an international highly regarded company to see its inner workings. The power of this experience is invaluable. It has inspired students to think about their futures differently and look beyond traditional roles.”

“SAS believe strongly in education and seeing the potential of our future generations in being instrumental in solving global challenges. We feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to partner with SAS and hope that the relationship extends into the future,” adds Gina.

Lucy welcomes enquiries from other schools in the local areas where SAS has office, to showcase SAS as an employer of choice and help students get more familiar with the opportunities available to them.

Any interested schools are encouraged to complete an EOI  and Lucy will be in touch to discuss further.

Great work, SAS!

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