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Meet Paula from SAS

07 March 2022

SAS Institute Inc. is a trusted analytics powerhouse for organisations seeking immediate value from their data.

Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence.

SAS has a multidimensional culture that blends our different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives from employees in 59 countries around the world. The way we act and interact is based on trust, respect, and a bold motivation to drive change. In 2010, the SAS Women’s Initiatives Network (WIN) was launched with the mission to foster a community that empowers women and inspire students to pursue STEM-related careers.

By taking part in and often leading both SAS-sponsored and community-based education initiatives, members of the Australia & New Zealand WIN committee partner with Explore Careers in efforts to attract young women to careers in science and technology. Find out how at or email

Meet Paula Stepien from the Australia & New Zealand WIN committee

I’ve always loved Math as a child but back in Brazil, where I’m originally from, in the 90s, studying Math in University was not a common option for girls. Instead, I went to Law School, and hated it all the way to the end. I never even picked up my diploma, that’s how much I disliked my degree. While I was in my 30s and living in Australia, I had the opportunity to go back to uni and this time I picked Math and Statistics. My experience studying something I truly loved was so different and this time I’ll frame my diploma!

Recently, I started working at SAS as a Systems Engineer, in the Customer Advisory team. We get to do technical analytics and data science work and work with clients. Having always loved customer service, solving concrete problems for our clients and improving their lives through our solutions and our software is as close to the dream job as I’ll ever get!

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