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Discover the Future of Artificial Intelligence with Ray From SAS

The rising popularity of AI presents an exciting opportunity for all data-driven tech lovers; that is, the opportunity to forge a career in an exciting new industry!

As Ray, SAS’s Director of Pre-Sales puts it, “It’s easier to think of places where AI isn’t being used; any electronic interaction probably has AI behind the scenes in some kind of way.” This means that most job seekers who are just joining the workforce will likely need a basic understanding of AI in the future.

To help you figure out where the future of AI might be headed, Ray takes us on a deep dive into the philosophical implications of AI, its real-life applications and how it actually works. Tune in to learn all about:

  • How artificial intelligence models have become so smart.
  • Free courses and documentaries to get you started on your tech journey.
  • How SAS Software allows for businesses to pick up on the dangers of their artificial intelligence systems before it’s too late.
  • Ray’s top tech advice for high schoolers interested in the future of artificial intelligence.

Find Out More

SAS has an exciting vision for the future of data, and we think you should be a part of it. In short, they’re using data and analytics to solve problems before they’re problems; sounds exciting and future-focused, right?

So, we know the work is dynamic, but what’s the workplace like? After ranking in the top 10 of Australia’s Best 50 Employers list by Great Place to Work for years running, it’s safe to assume SAS is pretty great.

With a global presence, over 14,000 employees and a commitment to building the next generation of data-savvy professionals, a career with SAS is sure to take you where you want to go.

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