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From Check Out Champion to Management Magic: Maddie’s Journey with Kmart is GOALS!

28 August 2023

Like many young people, Maddie saw a casual  role with retail leaders Kmart as the perfect way to earn some extra money and gain experience while she figured out what she wanted to do with her career.

Little did she know this was  the first stepping stone in a decade-long career journey with Kmart – a really common experience for lots of Kmart team members who start of in store, but often little known to the outside world.

From casual to line manager to communications store support manager: Maddie’s proving where you start can sometimes be the best place to end up!

We caught up with Maddie to learn all about:

  • What working with Kmart is like at all different levels, and how she’s had the opportunity to explore management opportunities in different departments.
  • How Maddie started with Kmart while still at school, had the chance to learn more about the things she enjoys at work and has been supported to do more of them over her 10 year journey!
  • Why a career with Kmart is truly endless, with new opportunities and pathways available to those willing to give it a go!

Alongside insights into what a supportive, fun and team-focused environment Maddie has sold us on a career at Kmart – where do we apply?!

Find Out More

As Australia’s most loved retailer, Kmart champions diverse and inclusive team members, bringing together awesome people for a common cause.

They’re optimistic about their future and yours! Head over to their exclusive employer profile on Explore Careers to learn more about everything Kmart offers.

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