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Find Your Perfect Healthcare Pathway with Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre!

Discover a Career in Caring

If you’re a self-proclaimed empath, the type who’s happiest when helping others, or the person your friends can always turn to in times of need, a career in healthcare will likely fill your cup right to the brim.

Growing up, a lot of us thought of healthcare professionals as superheroes, and as we reach adulthood, that really doesn’t change. Careers in caring, while tough, are incredibly fulfilling and can be the perfect fit for those who love helping others.

To show you just how to launch a career in looking after others, we’ve partnered with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre to illuminate all your possible pathways. So, what are you waiting for? Find your perfect healthcare fit and start making a real difference today!

Explore Your (Many) Healthcare Pathway Options!

1.      Nursing

Definition: The term ‘nurse’ refers to those providing much-needed care to individuals of all ages, families, groups and communities, sick or well and in all settings.

Nursing Careers at Peter Mac: Diving into a nursing pathway with Peter Mac means learning valuable skills from day one that will serve you at any hospital. With free nursing oncology training, a range of nurse-led research initiatives and a variety of pathways, Peter Mac is the perfect employer for any aspiring nurse!

Discover more about Peter Mac’s Nursing Careers by visiting their designated webpage.

2.      Allied Health

Definition: Allied Health professionals at Peter Mac have the opportunity to work across the full cancer pathway using holistic, psychosocial and spiritual approaches.

Allied Health Careers at Peter Mac: Those pursuing an Allied Health pathway will work with all cancer types and in all settings. This could mean gaining experience in nutrition and dietetics, pastoral care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, music therapy and exercise physiology. In short, for Allied Health pros, no two days will be the same.

Discover more about Peter Mac’s Allied Health Careers by visiting their designated webpage.

3.      Radiation

Definition: Radiation Therapists are health professionals who specialise in caring for people who are receiving radiation therapy, which is used to treat many types of cancer.

Radiation Therapy Careers at Peter Mac: The team at Peter Mac embraces a range of radiation therapy approaches and provides comprehensive training. What’s more, they also offer the opportunity to engage with radiation therapy research to further improve these therapies for patients.

Discover more about Peter Mac’s Radiation Therapy Careers by visiting their designated webpage.

4.      Research

Definition: Researchers with Peter Mac make life-saving discoveries through innovative collaboration between scientists and clinicians.

Research Careers at Peter Mac: Peter Mac is Australia’s largest cancer research group, and they want your help to keep up the good work! Those working in a research pathway have the option to specialise in many areas of research, including laboratory, clinical, health services, core platform technologies, cohort studies and education.

Discover more about Peter Mac’s Research Careers by visiting their designated webpage.

5.      Medical

Definition: There are a range of possible medical careers for those looking to join the Peter Mac team, such as hospital medical officers, registrars, fellows and doctors.

Medical Careers at Peter Mac: As Australia’s only public hospital dedicated to caring for people with cancer (and one of the world’s leading cancer research, education and treatment centres), Peter Mac has plenty of opportunities for those wanting to pursue a medical career. With comprehensive education and training programs for clinicians at different levels, their team wants to help you become the best medical pro that you can be!

Discover more about Peter Mac’s Medical Careers by visiting their designated webpage.

6.      Corporate Support

Definition: The Corporate Support team at Peter Mac is made up of the employees who take care of the business side of things to enable healthcare professionals to best look after their clients.

Corporate Support Careers at Peter Mac: Those working in corporate support have access to a tonne of exciting advancement opportunities, including internal promotions, secondments, career coaching and mentoring programs. What’s more, there are plenty of specialisations to choose from to ensure that you’ll find your perfect fit!

Discover more about Peter Mac’s Corporate Support Careers by visiting their designated webpage.

Peter Mac nurse at patient's bedside

Peter Mac’s RUSON (Registered Undergraduate Student Nursing) Program

If you’re an aspiring nurse who’s working towards completing your degree, Peter Mac has a program that’ll give you invaluable hands-on experience while you’re still studying! Their RUSON (Registered Undergraduate Student Nursing) program caters to nurses interested in all healthcare fields and serves as an incredible pathway opportunity to kickstart your career.

To discover just how incredible this opportunity is, check out the experience of Czarina Estores, a registered undergraduate student of nursing who’s thriving in Peter Mac’s RUSON program. After migrating from the Philippines at age six, Czarina started a double degree in Commerce and Law before deciding that a career in caring was more her speed. From there, she switched over to a Bachelor of Nursing and now works with Peter Mac through their RUSON program; a pathway she finds incredibly fulfilling!

Insider Insights from Czarina

“Working at Peter Mac has enabled me to quickly develop my confidence in the clinical setting. I’ve been able to apply the theory I learn at university to practice, with the support of a strong network of interdisciplinary health professionals. This gives me an edge during placements, and hopefully will in my graduate applications too.

There is so much support in this hospital. The nurses we work with are always grateful when they are able to delegate tasks to RUSONs. It works well both ways – we can reduce their workload while also developing our own nursing skills.”

Discover more about Czarina’s story by visiting the Peter Mac Website!

Start Making a Difference Today

With an extensive range of pathways to suit any and all aspiring healthcare pros, Peter Mac is the one-stop employer for launching your career the right way! To take the first steps towards a rewarding career, check out the Peter Mac employer profile or their jobs webpage today!

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