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From Film to Fluoroscopy: Developing a Radiant Career in Medical Imaging

Think ultrasounds are just for pregnant women? Think again, says Veronica, Chief Sonographer with I-MED Radiology!

With the technology used throughout hospitals and medical centres for various health outcomes, this unique and varied career can take you places.

And if you’re looking for an industry with many ways to get started, grow and explore your potential, you’re well placed with I-MED. Veronica experienced this firsthand as she’s seen her career progress to where it is today.

Join Veronica as she shares more about:

  • Who I-MED is and what her role involves.
    How she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do at school, but knew she wanted to work in medicine and science.
  • Why I-MED has been the perfect place to explore her passions and grow her skills in a niche, varied role!
  • How she started via I-MED’s specialised traineeship and why it’s an excellent opportunity to grow and learn.
  • Some of her career highlights, including supporting and mentoring others entering the industry.

Find Out More

I-MED recognises the importance of entry-level roles as a stepping stone to an impactful healthcare career.

Their medical receptionist and imaging assistant positions offer more than just jobs; they provide practical experience, skill development, and an opportunity to contribute to patient care.

With plenty of opportunities across Australia, I-MED is your ideal platform to launch your healthcare journey.

Explore and apply for an opportunity near you today!

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