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Hands-On Experience, Training & Progression? It’s All Up For Grabs With a Career at Rentokil!

18 September 2023

Not familiar with who Rentokil Initial are? It’s definitely time to change that!

We caught up with Michael Jessop, Senior Pest Control with these leaders, to learn more about what makes Rentokil a great place to start your career and the fantastic opportunities and career progression on offer!

Did we also mention no qualifications needed?

Hear from Michael as he shares:

  • More about who Rentokil Initial is and the services they provide.
  • What Michael’s role involves, how he got started in the sector and what a typical workday might look like.
  • How the traineeship program with Rentokil helped launch Michael’s career with Rentokil and provided him with great opportunities to grow as a professional.
  • What the workplace culture is like, and how Corey feels supported to be part of the wider team, despite working in remote Queensland!
  • Why you definitely shouldn’t write off Rentokil as a great place to kickstart a unique career!

We loved chatting with Michael and learning all about this niche, hands-on role. If you’re looking for a career that’s a little outside the box but still offers heaps of opportunity, look no further than Rentokil!

Find Out More

Rentokil Initial pride themselves on doing the sometimes-invisible work essential to protecting people, enhancing lives, and preserving our planet.

From washrooms to aged care homes to office pot plants and classrooms – they’re there, ready, bursting with passion and pride to make a positive difference for their customers and communities.

They may be the leading global expert in pest control, hygiene solutions and indoor plant care, employing 46,000+ colleagues globally, but they’re also a humble, friendly bunch. They focus on developing a strong, supportive team with the creative capacity to face challenges and find new solutions head-on.

Discover more about these leaders via their exclusive Explore Careers employer profile.

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