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High Tech Mousetraps & Bug Flushing Fungus: All in a Day’s Work for Rentokil Initial!

20 April 2023

When we talk about innovation, we usually talk about high-tech gizmos, streamlined IT processes and the latest AI developments: but innovation is found everywhere!

It’s something our employer partner, Rentokil Initial, knows a lot about.

As the global expert in pest, hygiene and indoor plant care, they’ve taken on the challenge of innovating the sector to bring their customers the best – and pretty cool – advances that make their lives and workplaces safe and healthy.

Who is Rentokil Initial?

You’ve no doubt seen these legends around.

Rentokil Initial pride themselves on doing the sometimes-invisible work essential to protecting people, enhancing lives, and preserving our planet.

From washrooms to aged care homes to office pot plants and classrooms – they’re there, ready, bursting with passion and pride to make a positive difference for their customers and communities.

They may be the leading global expert in pest control, hygiene solutions and indoor plant care, employing 46,000+ colleagues globally, but they’re also a humble, friendly bunch. They focus on developing a strong, supportive team with the creative capacity to face challenges and find new solutions head-on.

What Does Innovation Look Like at Rentokil?

Rentokil are committed to exploring new ways of tackling old problems; they work within environments that often have additional concerns and considerations to factor in, including kitchens and care facilities.

These added complexities make for a fun challenge that Rentokil is all too happy to take on!

Innovation comes in many forms with these leaders, including:

  • Fluorescent Tracking Gel: Tracking rodents has never been brighter – thanks to Rentokil’s innovative non-toxic fluorescent tracking gel. This nifty substance allows technicians to assess the scale of a situation and make positive steps to resolve it.
  • Fungus Flush: The Rentokil scientists have developed a fungus that specifically targets cockroaches and can actively flush them out of where they’re not supposed to be!
  • World’s Smartest Mousetrap: Humanely taking care of pest problems is a priority for Rentokil, and this ingenious device contains and alerts users when a mouse has been caught. It’s rated as the most humane and smartest mousetrap in the world – and Rentokil is the only one licensed to use it!

This is just a little peek at what Rentokil is up to that piqued our curiosity!

Watch this short video and visit the Rentokil website to learn more:

Find Out More

Every person has the opportunity to contribute and make a difference at Rentokil Initial – they embrace it all.

Whether you’re a natural-born problem solver looking for a job that provides variety and a sense of autonomy that comes with being on the road; a dedicated worker wanting job stability and reliability; or you’re looking to shape a long, rich, and fulfilling career where the opportunities are limitless and global – there’s something for everyone at Rentokil Initial.

Head to their dedicated employer profile to discover more about starting your innovative career journey with these leaders!

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