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I-Med’s Entry-Level Roles Open Doors: Your Healthcare Career Starts Here!

Entering the healthcare industry is a rewarding and impactful journey, and there are plenty of ways to kickstart your career in this unique and growing industry.

And our employer partner, I-MED Radiology, could be your gateway to gaining practical experience and building a solid foundation of skills and experience!

Whether you’re studying and looking for a part-time entry role into the sector or seeking a fresh path, I-MED’s early career opportunities offer the perfect stepping stones to a successful healthcare career.

Keep reading to learn more about two key roles you could start today!

Becoming a Medical Receptionist: A Frontline Role with Real-World Impact

A medical receptionist holds the key to a clinic’s smooth operation.

This pivotal role involves greeting patients, scheduling appointments, managing inquiries, and ensuring the reception area runs seamlessly.

But it’s more than just administrative work. As a medical receptionist, you become the welcoming face of healthcare, honing essential skills such as communication, organisation, and customer service.

Your interactions contribute to patient experiences and the efficient flow of medical facilities.

How Do I Become a Medical Receptionist?

Becoming a medical receptionist is a highly rewarding path for those interested in the healthcare field but not interested in pursuing a clinical role.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Education: While no formal degree is required, consider taking medical terminology courses from local colleges or Health/Business Administration courses from TAFE for a solid foundation
  2. Soft Skills: Develop excellent communication, organisational, and customer service skills, as you’ll be the welcoming face of the healthcare facility.
  3. Job Search: Seek out medical clinics, hospitals, and healthcare centres for receptionist positions. Showcase your skills and passion during interviews.
  4. Continuous Learning: Stay updated on healthcare trends and technology, enhancing your ability to support patients and medical staff effectively.
Becoming an Imaging Assistant: A Peek into the World of Medical Imaging

If medical imaging intrigues you, an imaging assistant role might be your perfect match.

An imaging assistant plays a crucial role in medical facilities by supporting imaging procedures and ensuring patient comfort and safety.

They work closely with medical staff to assist in capturing accurate diagnostic images, contributing to the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions.

How Do I Become an Imaging Assistant?

If you’re intrigued by the medical imaging world and eager to contribute, a career as an imaging assistant could be a great fit. Here’s your roadmap:

  1. Education: While no formal degree is required, a background in science or healthcare can be beneficial. Certain vocational courses or certificates may provide insights into medical terminology and imaging processes.
  2. On-the-Job Training: Secure a position as an imaging assistant at one of our clinics. Learn from experienced professionals and gain hands-on experience assisting with patient procedures and see how to the equipment works.
  3. Soft Skills: Develop strong communication, teamwork, and organisational skills, as you’ll work closely with medical staff and patients.
  4. Attention to Detail: Precision is crucial in medical imaging. Focus on accuracy and understanding protocols.
  5. Career Advancement: With experience, consider further education or training in medical imaging to broaden your skill set and advance your career.

I-MED Radiology: Your Bridge to Healthcare Excellence

I-MeED recognises the importance of entry-level roles as a stepping stone to an impactful healthcare career.

Their medical receptionist and imaging assistant positions offer more than just jobs; they provide practical experience, skill development, and an opportunity to contribute to patient care.

With plenty of opportunities across Australia, I-MED is your ideal platform to launch your healthcare journey.

Explore and apply for an opportunity near you today!

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