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Drink Up Sarah’s Insider Tips for Aspiring Agriculture Pros!

“From helping to deliver your first calf to meeting new staff, I think there’s a highlight every day!” 

After trying out farm work on a whim, Sarah ended up falling in love with the agriculture industry and never looked back. Since getting her unconventional start, Sarah has spent over four years on the farm and now works as a Dairy Operations Manager!  

Sharing just how rewarding a career in the Australian dairy industry can truly be, her dynamic day-to-day routine and all the enticing job perks, Sarah makes a strong case for why you should give agriculture a shot, too.  

Tune in to our latest interview to discover: 

  • Agriculture career advice from an industry insider. 
  • Sarah’s healthy work-life balance and how you can achieve the same lifestyle. 
  • The low-down on agricultural work experience.  
  • The level of support offered to aspiring dairy workers.  
  • Meet-ups, quiz nights and vacations with the Young Dairy Network! 

Find Out More 

Australian dairy is committed to producing quality food, while providing best care for their animals, doing more to protect the environment and supporting both dairy workers and communities. 

When they’re not contributing to their local community and helping to feed the country, Australian Dairy stays busy looking after their 46,200-strong team. With boundless opportunities for learning and professional development, your career will be kept as fresh as their dairy products! 

Take the first step towards a rewarding dairy career by checking out their employer profile or job listings page today. 

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