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Introducing AMS Group’s First Nations Employment Program!

Inclusivity in the workplace is of utmost importance; we spend a lot of our time working, so we want to be ourselves while we do so!

The team at AMS understand this implicitly and has dedicated themselves to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace that makes everyone feel supported! Through their community initiatives, including a dedicated First Nations Employment Program, they’re working towards a brighter future for all Australians – a mission we can really get behind.

Introducing AMS Group

AMS Group has spent the last 23 years protecting Australia’s Critical Assets and launching the careers of motivated job hunters across the country. As they deal with the Government, Maritime, Ports, Defence, Utilities and resources industries, AMS Group regularly helps out on some pretty important projects! What’s more, by joining their passionate team, you can too!

If cutting-edge surveillance, CCTV, access control (and more!) piques your interest, a career with AMS Group might be your perfect fit. With tailored traineeships and part-time work experience on the cards, their team can help you find an entry point regardless of where you are on your career journey.

To find out more, head over to their employer profile or check out their website today!

First Nations Employment Scheme

AMS Group are committed to supporting Australia in any way they can, so it’s no surprise that they’ve launched a dedicated First Nations employment program!

In 2022, their passionate team committed an impressive $3.5m to deliver several ongoing employment opportunities to the Quandamooka community that provide training, practical experience and certification. What’s more, with trade assistant (TA) opportunities in maritime, infrastructure, technology, life support and logistics sectors, there’s truly something for everyoneFirst nations employees working on a blow-up life raft.


AMS Group’s First TA Graduate: Ryan Borey

Here’s even more good news from AMS Group: Ryan Borey recently became their first TA graduate and moved into permanent employment as a Trainee Life Support Equipment Fitter! As a part of his new role, Ryan’s also set to complete the Certificate III in Aircraft Life Support and Furnishings with their training partner, The Academy of Career Training. What makes this announcement even more special is the fact that Ryan is the first Indigenous person to undertake this qualification outside of defence. Here’s to paving ways and breaking the mould!

We want to extend a huge congratulations from us at Explore Careers; we can’t wait to see what his incredibly bright future with AMS Group brings.

First Nations Collaboration

Their dedicated First Nations employment program isn’t the only way that AMS Group supports the Indigenous community. They’re also committed to fostering close collaboration with the Goenpul, Nugi and Noonuccal People from the Quandamooka region (Stradbroke Island and Moreton Bay areas).

As an equal opportunity employer who performs 80% of their work in regional and remote areas, AMS Group guarantees an inclusive and diverse workplace; something we can all get behind!

To start your journey with AMS Group, check out how they recruit today. Trust us, your future self will thank you.

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