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More Than STEM: Be Welcomed For ALL Your Skills at AMS Group

01 December 2023

Interested in engineering? Think you just need a dedicated STEM skillset?

We’re not going to lie – it will definitely help! – but as Kunwar has quickly learned through his internship, there’s scope for a wide range of skills in this dynamic industry!

Join the Engineering Intern with AMS as he lets us in on a few of the misconceptions he’s uncovered so far and more, including:

  • Who AMS are, what they do, and the projects they deliver.
  • What drew Kunwar to the role and how a passion for STEM helped kickstart his studies and career.
  • Some of the misconceptions Kunwar’s uncovered through his internship – including just how diverse the skillset in his team is!
  • What the workplace culture is like, and what he’s enjoying about the opportunity so far.
  • Some of the top skills to promote when applying for internships.

We loved Kunwar’s passion and dedication! Anyone who’s got their eye on applying for future internships will want to ensure they don’t miss this one.

Find Out More

AMS Group is an Australian-owned private company. We provide safe, secure, mission-critical solutions and services to government and industry.

AMSG has significant expertise in specific fields such as maritime technology, systems integration, and aviation life support systems. They are well-equipped to handle the management, construction, and maintenance of aids to navigation networks, maritime information systems, aviation life support equipment, defence surveillance, radar systems, and overall integration of maritime assets.

Keen to learn more? Head to their dedicated Explore Careers employer profile now!

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