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National AgDay: Unleashing Innovation in Agriculture with DeLaval

When you think of farming, what comes to mind? Plaid shirts, rolling fields, and farmers on tractors?

Well, it’s time to shatter that misconception!

National Agriculture Day is the perfect occasion to explore agriculture’s exciting and sophisticated side of agriculture, and our employer partner, DeLaval, is at the forefront of this transformation.

Agriculture: Beyond Plaid Shirts and Tractors

The agricultural industry is not just about ploughing fields and driving tractors. It’s a highly advanced and sophisticated sector open to a wide range of professionals.

Here’s a glimpse at just a handful of the roles available:

  1. Data Managers: In the era of big data, agriculture needs experts to manage and analyse the vast amount of information generated on modern farms.
  2. Sustainability Managers: As sustainability becomes a top priority, experts in this field are essential to ensure that farming practices are environmentally responsible.
  3. Robotic Dairy Technicians: The integration of robotics in farming requires skilled technicians to keep the technology running smoothly.
  4. Product Development/Innovation: For those who love to create, the agricultural sector offers endless opportunities for innovation, from new machinery to advanced farming techniques.
  5. Farm Advisory: Advising farmers on best practices, market trends, and financial decisions is crucial in the industry.
  6. Mechanical/Electrical Engineering: Modern farms rely on advanced machinery and technology, making engineers indispensable.

The Innovation Transforming Dairy Farming

DeLaval is a true pioneer in the dairy industry, pushing the boundaries of innovation.

They’ve introduced remarkable products and farm solutions that are changing the game in agriculture. Here are a few examples:

  1. Robotic Milking: Imagine a world where cows decide when it’s milking time. With DeLaval’s robotic milking technology, it’s a reality. This innovation not only reduces stress on the animals but also improves efficiency on the farm.
  2. Animal Welfare Tech: When a cow is milked using a DeLaval VMS™, sensors provide information on every udder. These sensors measure inflammation in the milk and biomarkers to check for diseases and fertility status.
  3. Feed Refreshers: Precision in feeding is essential for optimal milk production. DeLaval’s feed refreshers do just that, ensuring cows receive the right nutrition at the right time.
  4. Farm Management Support: Data and analytics have become essential in modern farming. DelPro™ is a total management platform that provides farmers with the accurate, timely information to run an efficient and profitable dairy farm.

Agriculture: A Sector for Everyone

You don’t need to own a farm or come from a farming background to be a part of this dynamic sector.

Agriculture is open to diverse talents and backgrounds, and DeLaval is proof of that. They are revolutionising the industry with cutting-edge technology and solutions, showcasing that anyone passionate about innovation and sustainability can have a thriving career in agriculture.

This National AgDay, let’s celebrate the advancement, innovation, and diverse opportunities that agriculture, with partners like DeLaval, brings to the table.

It’s time to change the narrative and show that the future of farming is bright, modern, and waiting for you to be a part of it!

Head to Delaval’s exclusive employer profile to explore and discover where the agricultural industry could take you.

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