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New Year, New You? Pedal Your Way to Success in 2024 With The Bicycle Academy

What better way to embrace the “New Year, New You” mantra than by delving into extracurricular activities that enrich your life and enhance your career prospects?

The legends from 99 Bikes are here to help you explore the dynamic world of bicycle maintenance and how engaging in school extracurricular activities can pedal you toward a brighter future.

If 2024 is set to be YOUR career year, this blog is for you!

The Varied World of Bicycle Maintenance

The bicycle maintenance sector is more diverse than one might initially imagine.

It encompasses everything from basic repairs and tune-ups to advanced technical skills like wheel building and suspension servicing.

Whether you’re a gearhead or simply enjoy the satisfaction of a well-oiled machine, there’s a niche for everyone in the bicycle maintenance industry. 99 Bikes has developed the perfect career-building pathway to help you start and progress in this dynamic industry.


Keen to take advantage of online certificates to get ahead with a career in bicycle maintenance? The Bicycle Academy has the opportunity for you!

They’re offering a FREE trial of their online learning platform, Cytech Theory One. The platform allows you to start your journey to becoming a qualified bike technician with our fully accredited Cytech technical one qualification. Cytech’s modular approach is flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

You can get access now and complete the first module completely FREE!

Better yet, if you decide you want to keep going with your studies, The Bicycle Academy have an exclusive discount code just for Explore Careers.

Simply enter EXPLORE24 and get the rest of the course for $199.00

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6 Ways to Boost Your Career Prospects in 2024

So, if you’re already planning to get ahead on your future prospects and wondering what you could do to really switch gears up, 99 Bikes has you covered.

Below are their hot tips to make a positive start:

  1. Join or Start a Club: Got something you’re passionate about? Join a local club; if there isn’t one, start one! This demonstrates initiative, teamwork, and organisational skills. Managing events and coordinating group rides can foster invaluable project management abilities in the workplace.
  2. Attend Workshops: Attend workshops or courses on the things you’re interested in and curious about – especially if they relate to your chosen career ideas. This demonstrates your commitment and motivation to keep learning and staying current in your knowledge.
  3. Community Outreach Projects: Collaborate with your school to organise community events or fundraisers for causes that matter in the community. Engaging with the community builds strong communication and interpersonal skills. These experiences showcase your commitment to supporting others and social responsibility.
  4. Online Certifications: Explore online certifications – even entry-level and introductory courses can be a great way to keep building your passion for your future career. Employers appreciate candidates who take the initiative to enhance their skills independently.
  5. Participate in Competitions: Join local or regional competitions where you can that connect to your passions and hobbies. Whether it’s flying kites, playing Dungeons & Dragons, air guitar or cycling – it all counts. While not directly related to careers, competitive participation builds resilience, discipline, and a strong work ethic – all transferable skills that can set you apart in the job market. Plus, you’ll have something cool to talk about at interviews!
  6. Seek Opportunities to Build Experience: Seek internship opportunities with local companies or participate in virtual work experience programs online. Both will help you translate theoretical knowledge into practical skills. Internships provide real-world exposure and help you develop a network within the industry.

Ready to Hit the Career High Road?

Take advantage of the diverse opportunities available, and you might find yourself on a path that aligns with your passion and propels you toward a successful and fulfilling career!

So, why not make 2024 the year you pedal your way to success? Embrace the “New Year, New You” spirit, explore the bicycle maintenance sector, and let 99 Bikes guide you to a brighter future.

Happy cycling!

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