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No Experience Necessary: Learn On-The-Job With Grace Group

Looking for a way to jump-start your career without spending years at university? The learn-on-the-job role you’re dreaming of isn’t as elusive as you might think!  

There are plenty of employers looking to hire job hunters with enthusiasm, passion, and a willingness to learn, regardless of experience. After all, isn’t the best way to learn in a hands-on environment? 

Pros of On-The-Job Training 

For those who aren’t familiar with roles providing ‘on-the-job’ training, prepare to be blown away! There are so many exciting perks to this model of work, including: 

  • Being able to bypass long university courses (and avoid that pesky HECS debt). 
  • Joining a team dedicated to helping you grow and reach your full potential. 
  • Enjoying a dynamic day-to-day schedule where most learning is hands-on. 
  • Learning new skills while being paid for it! 

Introducing Grace Group 

Aussies know Grace Group as one of the most trusted names in household moving, commercial project logistics and record management, and for good reason too. Their commitment to delivering the highest quality of service solutions has been upheld for over a century (yes, you heard that right, over 100 years!).  

However, Grace Group’s prioritisation of helping others extends beyond their customers; they are also extremely committed to helping their employees reach their full potential too! With world-class training programs and facilities and a dynamic work culture, working with Grace Group means working towards a brighter future! 

Check Out Their Aspire Program: 

Remember that dream role we were talking about? I think this might be it! Grace Group offers an Aspire Talent Management program for non-operation employees to best support their learning needs. In short, Grace Group wants to help you grow your skillset; no experience required!  

The Aspire Program provides tailored development plans that allow employees to grow in their current roles while also supporting those with career advancement aspirations. The employee completes a self-assessment and then works with their manager and Human Resources to locate learning opportunities that support them in meeting their goals and to help Grace Group grow.   

 For our Operations employees, Grace Group offers the Skills Path Scheme; this program provides training to increase the necessary skill levels for their role and sets a clear path for career advancement (including obtaining and upgrading licences, exciting stuff!).  

These programs provide minimised attrition, deeper employee engagement and successful succession planning; it’s the Grace Group’s commitment to their employees that makes their company such a great place to work.   

Next Steps 

Ready to dive into a new career with limitless opportunities for advancement? We thought so! Head over to Grace Group’s employer profile or browse their current vacancies today.  

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