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A Brush with Destiny: Explore Life as a Painter Apprentice

18 December 2023

“It’s like watching paint dry” might be a phrase you’ve heard when something is boring, but Marcy is here to tell you that the painting trade is anything but dull!

As a fourth-year Painter Apprentice with Programmed, she’s learned that the role is more skilled, diverse and FUN than she ever anticipated.

Marcy joins us to share more on:

  • Who Programmed are and what they do.
  • What Marcy’s role involves, what she’s studying and how she landed in the apprenticeship program.
  • What she loves about her work and the satisfaction she gets through her task-oriented role.
  • How Programmed has helped her gain new skills and accreditations, she never thought she’d have!
  • How the industry is much more welcoming, skilled and expansive than she imagined.

Marcy has definitely caught the trades career bug, and she’s keen to see where else she can take her career in this diverse and growing sector!

Find Out More

Along your journey with Programmed, you will develop new skills, meet innovative people and encounter experiences that will take your career to the heights and places you want to go.

With hard work and dedication, your career can grow like our organisation has – in giant strides. If you can imagine it, Programmed can help prepare you for it.

Discover everything Programmed has to offer early career starters via our dedicated employer profile online now.

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