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Pursue Your Passion & Join a Culture of FUN at 99 Bikes!

21 August 2023

You’ve probably heard of 99 Bikes as your go-to place for all your bike gear, but did you know there’s a LOT more to working for these bike leaders than retail?

From mechanics roles to store management, national leadership and business support opportunities! The opportunities are definitely there for those who want them!

To help us learn more, Johnny Inskip, National Workshop Leader for Australia, joins us to share all about his own career journey and how 99 Bikes has supported him and hundreds of others to pursue their passion.

Hear from Johhny as he shares with us:

  • More on who 99 Bikes are, their global reach and what they do.
  • What Johnny’s role involves and how he got started on his career path with 99 Bikes.
  • What a typical work day might look like, and the range of tasks and projects Johnny gets to be a part of.
  • How joining 99 Bikes allowed Johnny to pursue an unnurtured love of bikes and grow his career from strength to strength!
  • Some of the misconceptions about working in the industry and why there’s so much to explore than you might realise.
  • Why the team culture is such a vital part of why Johhny loves his work!

We loved chatting with Johnny and learning all about the breadth and variety of opportunities on offer with 99 Bikes for those who want them!

Definitely don’t miss out on this one.

Find Out More

99 Bikes are an energetic, all-inclusive employer that thrives on bringing together a passionate team of individuals who love all things bikes.

As Australia’s largest bicycle retailer with over 500 staff and over 50 stores in six states, they’re on a mission to become the largest group of bike shops – and they want you along for the ride!

Find out how you can get started via our exclusive employer profile now.

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