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Time to Unbox a New Challenge? Welcome to Qube Careers

05 February 2024

“Don’t be scared! Get out of your comfort zone and try something new!”

From cadetship to logistics success!  Justin, a Rail Coordinator at Qube, joins us in our latest employee interview!

We know many young people have questions about cadetship programs and what they can lead to; if Justin’s success is anything to go by, it looks like they have a LOT to offer!

Hear from Justin as he shares:

  • Who Qube are, what they do, and the types of opportunities they have available for early career starters.
  • What ‘supply chain’ and ‘logistics’ REALLY mean (finally, someone explains!)
  • How Qube got into his role through their cadetship, and what he loves about working for Qube.
  • How broad the industry is and how much technology plays a role.

Along with some great advice for anyone fearing their next steps, this short but highly informative interview is one to watch (and rewatch!).

Find Out More

Qube, a leading logistics company based in Australia, provides integrated supply chain solutions to various industries.

With over 8,200 employees across Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, Qube is one of the largest employers in the logistics sector. The company’s large network offers a fantastic range of services, including port and rail operations, warehouse management, and freight forwarding. And there are PLENTY of career paths to discover!

Find out more at their exclusive Explore Careers employer profile.

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