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Ready, Set, Code: Cooper Lands His Dream Role Through Kmart’s Grad Program!

23 April 2024

“There are always people who are interested in your career, helping you develop and supporting you in reaching your goals.”

After making the most of Kmart’s grad program, Cooper has built an exciting and diverse career in SoftwareEngineering!

As this tech-whiz makes abundantly clear, his day-to-day operations allow for a tonne of personal and professional growth. With support from a team who are dedicated to helping their employees reach their career goals, Cooper has been able to explore multiple tech-related fields, helping him find his perfect fit.

Looking back on his dynamic career journey, Cooper shares:

  • Kmart’s exciting Grad Program
  • The different avenues of tech that he’s been able to explore (Can’t decide between a specialisation in back-end applications, cyber security or automation and AI? Why not try all three?)
  • Career highlights, including hackathons and DeepRacer competitions.
  • The importance of finding your passion and surrounding yourself with people that support you!

Find Out More

Learn more and find the perfect opportunity for you through Kmart’s employer profile.

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