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Science & Art Collide: Vote in Peter Mac’s MicroART Competition!

Love science? Love art? Always looking for ways to merge the two?

We’ve got you covered!

Get ready to witness the fascinating fusion of science and art in the MicroART 2023 exhibition, presented by Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre during National Science Week.

Discover what MicroART is and prepare to merge your art and science passions!

What is MicroART?

MicroART is a unique microscopy image competition and exhibition where science and art collide in the most captivating way.

At Peter Mac, about 750 clinical and laboratory researchers dedicate themselves to finding better treatments and potential cures for cancer. Using powerful microscopes and vibrant stains, they create breathtaking images that look like works of art.

But these images are not just pretty pictures; they are vital in identifying structures within cells, advancing crucial cancer research.

A Celebration of Science and Beauty

The primary aim of MicroART is to showcase the stunning beauty of these microscopy images while educating people about the science behind them.

It’s an opportunity for everyone to appreciate the seamless blend of art and scientific inquiry.

The exhibition will be open to the public at Peter Mac’s Melbourne campus, Level 7 Atrium, 305 Grattan Street, starting from August 12th.

This unique opportunity offers you an immersive experience where you can admire artistry and gain valuable insights into groundbreaking cancer research.

Help Choose the Winning Image!

Witness the artistic genius of our researchers as they present twelve mesmerising images.

Your vote during the National Science Week exhibition will determine the winner!

Cast your vote on social media or in person at the venue, and join in the excitement of crowning the MicroART champion on the final day of Science Week.

Learn More and Get Inspired

For more information on MicroART and the National Science Week agenda, check out the links below:

Be part of this unforgettable celebration during National Science Week, and together, let’s make a difference in the world of cancer research!

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