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Spark a Unique Career Pathway With Programmed!

01 August 2022

That title probably makes more sense when you learn that our guest for this interview started his career as an Electrician!

After working his way up as a sparky, Daniel Zammit discovered a passion for supporting teams, business management and creating a positive team culture – and the General Manager role with Programmed ticked all the boxes!

Daniel gives us all the details on:

  • Who Programmed are, what they do and why their career opportunities could be right for you.
  • How leaving school in year 10 to pursue an apprenticeship was the perfect choice for him – and didn’t stop him from getting a degree when he was ready.
  • What makes Programmed a great employer and how, out of all the places he’s worked, the focus and support for employees have made Programmed the employer of choice for him.
  • Why education is a lifelong endeavour, and there’s no wrong or right time to keep learning.

All that PLUS some absolutely golden advice for anyone about to take their first steps into the world of work – you seriously don’t want to miss what he shares!

Find Out More

Programmed is one of Australia’s leading operations and maintenance services providers, working on some of Australia’s most iconic landmarks and buildings. They ensure employees are constantly learning to stay the best at what they do.

Discover more about Programmed and available opportunities through their exclusive employer profile on Explore Careers.

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