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Standing Tall for Country: BINGO Gives Back By Planting Over 660 Trees!

Here at Explore Careers, we know what matters to young people when working for an organisation that consciously cares for our planet and people beyond making profits.

We’re always on the lookout for employer partners who not only talk the talk but also walk the walk when it comes to doing good for our communities!

So when we see one of our partners doing phenomenal work in this space, you know we’re going to shout about it!

BINGO Industries have definitely impressed us this month – here’s what they’ve been up to.

Hold On, Who Are BINGO Industries?

BINGO is one of Australia’s leading recycling and waste management companies with operations in the building & demolition and commercial & industrial sectors across the east coast of Australia.

Their vision is for a waste-free Australia, focusing on transforming the recycling and waste industry, particularly innovating to increase recycling rates and diverting valuable waste materials from landfills.

As BINGO continues to grow, they ensure they follow sustainable, Zero Harm practices to protect our people, the environment, and the communities they operate in.

Sustainability at BINGO

BINGO aspire to catalyse change in their industry for a more sustainable and socially equitable future.

They’re committed to delivering sustainable recycling-led solutions and non-financial social value to their people and the communities they serve through their Sustainability Framework and Circular Economy commitments.

BINGO is so passionate about creating a circular economy that they built their entire business model around it!

Working with the Australian Circular Economy Hub, BINGO is helping sustainability partners Planet Ark and other leading business partners change how Australia sees its valuable waste materials.

Find out more!

GOGetters Unite to Rehabilitate At-Risk Areas

Sustainability at BINGO isn’t just about a corporate model or business plan – it’s about taking real hands-on action and making things happen that will make a difference to the future of our planet.

That’s why 40 GOgetters from the BINGO Corporate Development, People & Culture and SEQ teams spent a day planting trees at Patons Lane. They managed to plant more than 660 trees before 12 o’clock, which must be a new record!

Daryl Wells, Manager at Open Spaces and a proud Muru Mittigar man, was also present to guide the teams on Indigenous practices and plants and was positively surprised that the GOgetters were so keen to get stuck into it!

Daryl spoke to the teams about Caring for Country and how important it was to rehabilitate as much of the Cumberland Woodland Plains as possible because it’s currently endangered, with only 5% left in the Sydney Basin. The work undertaken by the team will contribute to increasing the presence of that habitat.

BINGO is obligated to rehabilitate site areas as set out in its licenses and management plans. The event was also important as it forms part of their social license to operate.

Start Your Sustainable Career With BINGO!

BINGO is always looking to meet with people who maybe aren’t too sure where they want to take their career but know they want to make a difference.

You’ll be fully supported to reach new heights and stand tall with a career at BINGO.

And they’re hiring now!

Head to their exclusive Explore Careers profile to learn more about these leaders and explore open jobs with them today.

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