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Find Your Ultimate Dream Team at Coles Group

Whether you’re new to work or feel pretty established, one thing is certain: a supportive team environment cannot be overstated!

Workplaces that prioritise teamwork set the stage for career success, personal happiness, and overall well-being.

It’s something our employer partner, Coles really prides themselves on. They see their workplaces as somewhere where everyone can feel a part of something much bigger. They go beyond a team environment to a thriving community.

The Importance of a supportive workplace

Imagine entering a workplace where colleagues become friends and supervisors are mentors. These kinds of work environments support your career growth and your mental and emotional well-being. Coles strives to create a supportive and inclusive workplace, where everyone feels they belong. Recently, one of Coles’ team members, Nicholas Fisher, experienced firsthand the power of a supporting team.

With any work, Nick recognises that sometimes you have good days and bad days.  Nick was overwhelmed by the amount of support he received from his fellow co-workers during a challenging day. They noticed he needed an uplift and checked in with him.

This act of kindness made Nick feel much better. It helped to remind him that he is part of a supportive team, who are not only colleagues but also friends. His team showed they’d seen him struggling and reached out in small but significant ways to show Nick he wasn’t alone.

“I couldn’t help but feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of support I got from my fellow co-workers,” says Nick.

A supportive team environment offers many benefits:

  • Reduced Stress: The ability to rely on colleagues for help can significantly reduce stress levels. Knowing that you’re not alone in facing challenges can make a difference.
  • Skill Enhancement: A team encouraging skill-sharing and mentorship can expedite learning curves. Constructive feedback and knowledge exchange among team members also contribute to individual growth.
  • Job Satisfaction: People who feel valued and supported in their workplace are more likely to be satisfied. This satisfaction translates to higher engagement and, subsequently, improved performance.
  • Mental Health Benefits: Loneliness and isolation at work can lead to mental health issues. A strong team environment provides a support system that combats these feelings and promotes positive mental health.
Coles: A culture of care, support and kindness

Coles believes in the importance of cultivating a culture of care, kindness, and support among its team members. The company encourages simple check-ins and kind gestures and recognising that every act of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s day.

The company’s My First Job page highlights how they help young people succeed and why they are celebrated as part of the team.

Be Part of Something More at Coles Group

Teamwork, care and support in the workplace is more than just a feel-good factor; it’s a driving force behind career happiness and overall well-being.

When individuals come together with a shared sense of purpose and care and support, the journey towards career success becomes achievable and enjoyable.

Organisations like Coles showcase how a positive team culture can be cultivated through intentional initiatives prioritising open communication, mutual respect, and growth opportunities.

Ready to be part a supportive and caring workplace at Coles? Express your interest and find your perfect role right here!

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