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There’s a World of Data Out There: Get Ahead with Experian

It’s a data world – we’re just living (and working!) in it! And why not, says Ebru!

As a Presales Consulting Manager with Experian, Ebru spends her days working with data to improve processes, source solutions and deliver a high-quality experience to clients. And she is VERY passionate about it!

To learn more, we caught up with Ebru to hear about her fascinating role and what life working with Experian looks like.

Hear from Ebru and discover:

  • Who Experian are, what they do and the services they offer.
  • What Ebru’s role involves and what a typical work day might look like.
  • How Experian are utilising new technology and innovation to support their clients.
  • What Ebru’s academic pathway looked like and how she got into her current role.
  • The global reach of Experian and how this supports her work.
  • How Experian supports the growth of their employees – especially women looking to move into leadership.

Along with some great insights into the types of skills Experian look for in potential employees and the importance of finding – and following – your passion.

We loved Ebru’s passion for her work and think you will too!

Find Out More

Experian is creating a better tomorrow for consumers, clients, people and communities.

In a complex, ever-changing world, the use of data is now driving significant advancements and new ways of thinking. Experian recognises the importance of its role in unlocking the power of data to help people, businesses and society, enabling people and organisations to achieve their goals.

And they need a data-loving team to help them achieve that. Find out more at their dedicated employer profile.

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