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What’s the Difference Between a ‘Green Career’ & Company Sustainability Goals?

28 February 2024

You’ve probably heard the term ‘green careers’ thrown around in recent months.

Along with so many companies actively supporting sustainability practices and goals, you might wonder: are they the same thing?

Well, yes and no.

To help us understand more, Hanson breaks down where the two are different and where they overlap.

What is a ‘Green Career’?

Green careers refer to professions and roles directly contributing to environmental sustainability, conservation, and eco-conscious practices.

  • Examples: Jobs in renewable energy, environmental engineering, sustainable agriculture, conservation biology, green building design, waste management, and eco-tourism are all examples of green careers.
  • Focus: Individuals in green careers typically work directly on projects or initiatives to reduce environmental impact, conserve resources, and promote sustainability.

What are Sustainability Goals?

Companies with sustainability goals are organisations that have made commitments to prioritise environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in their operations and decision-making processes.

  • Examples: Companies across various industries, including manufacturing, technology, retail, and finance, can have sustainability goals. These goals include reducing carbon emissions, minimising waste, promoting diversity and inclusion, and supporting community initiatives.
  • Focus: While not all employees in these companies may have green careers, the organisation is dedicated to integrating sustainability principles into its business practices.

What’s the Relationship Between the Two?

There is a significant overlap between green careers and companies with sustainability goals.

Many individuals with green careers seek employment with companies that share their values and prioritise sustainability.

While green careers focus primarily on individual roles and professions, companies with sustainability goals encompass broader organisational strategies and initiatives to achieve environmental impact.

  • Good to know: Green careers often thrive within companies with sustainability goals. These organisations provide an environment that fosters innovation, implements green practices, and supports employees’ professional development in sustainability-related fields. So, if you want a green career where you can make an impact you, it’s worth applying to companies with sustainability goals and practices.

Green Careers & Sustainability at Hanson

Hanson is committed to improving the world around us and the lives of people within it.

We believe companies that succeed in the future will continuously invest in people, innovation, environment, and ethical governance. This means a focus on delivering long-term benefits, not just immediate goals:

We engage with employees, local communities, and stakeholders daily to drive sustainable work practices. Our sustainability policies are built into our company strategy and embedded across the Hanson workforce, up to the senior board level.

Thinking a green career is the right path for you? Discover how Hanson can make it a reality here at Explore Careers.

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