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A Day in the Life: Meet Morgan Stein, Design & Media Coordinator with Infinite Care

Infinite Care are leaders in the industry and keen to show you just what a career with them could look like (hint: it’s WAY different from what many people think).

To showcase some of the exciting career paths on offer, we caught up with Morgan Stein – current Design and Media Coordinator at Infinite Care to learn more about what their role involves and why it’s so vital for the sector.

Keep reading to learn more and hear all about Morgan’s fantastic role!

1.What is your role at Infinite Care, and what does it involve?

I am the Design and Media Coordinator for Infinite Care, and my role is to make every piece of collateral we produce look good.

This includes creating advertising, newsletters, posters, and images and ensuring that our content and image represent our values and showcase how fun we are.

2. What does a typical day look like at Infinite Care?

Every day is different, as my job is very needs-based. I never know what I’ll work on until I check my emails. Recently, I’ve been working on creating fresh and relevant content for upcoming holidays and International Nurses Day. Our goal is to create engaging content and to destigmatise the idea that aged care is boring.

When I first came in today, I checked my emails and flagged the posters and social media posts I needed to schedule or create. I then finished a poster for one of our social events, made a TikTok, and edited some videos from our conference. I also finished putting together trivia questions for our monthly online event, which I co-host.

3. How did you come into this role at Infinite Care? What educational and career pathways lead you to this role?

I went to university and earned a Bachelor of Design. After graduation, I did some freelance work in social media and design. A friend who worked at Infinite Care told me about a job opening in design, and I applied.

At first, the job was temporary, but I was lucky enough to be offered a full-time position. Initially, I was unsure about what being a designer in aged care would look like because I thought it would be clinical with little room for creativity.

However, I quickly learned that there is a lot of opportunity for graphic design in aged care, and I am now making a difference through my design work, striving to make everything I produce something my Nan would enjoy.

4. What do you love most about working at Infinite Care?

I love seeing the elderly residents have fun and being a part of something that makes an impact and improves their lives.

Our focus is on engagement and adding value to their lives; contributing to that feels great.

5. What skills and personal attributes are Infinite Care looking for? What will make someone stand out from the crowd?

Our organisation values kindness, care, and a sense of initiative over academic excellence, as those are attributes that cannot be taught.

We are looking for individuals who share our values and are willing to put in the effort to make a difference in the lives of our residents.

6. Does Infinite Care allow you to maintain a healthy work-life balance? How do you like to spend your time outside work?

My role is super flexible, and I like to go to the gym before work, draw and hang out with friends after work, and sometimes go to the skate park at night.

My organisation supports maintaining a healthy work-life balance, allowing me to pursue my passions outside of work.

7. What’s something people wouldn’t know about aged care?

Aged care can be a lot of fun, and there is a lot to learn from our elderly residents.

8. What advice would you give to your high school self?

You can make a job out of what you love doing, so don’t be afraid to pursue your passions and follow your dreams.

Join a team that cares!

Infinite Care has over 30 years of experience in the industry, working to become a trusted provider and employer of choice in South Australia. Infinite Care expanded into Queensland recently with three facilities in South East Queensland, three in Cairns, three in New South Wales and more in the pipeline across Australia.

There’s a wealth of rewarding, values-driven careers available across aged care. We are thrilled to partner with employers like Infinite Care to bring these opportunities to the forefront of our school network and get young people excited about where a career in the sector will take them!

You can learn more at Infinite Care’s dedicated Explore Careers employer profile.

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