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From Undergraduate Intern to Senior Analyst With RSM Australia!

19 October 2022

What is a senior analyst, and what do they do?

Both great questions that definitely had us scratching our heads until we had the amazing opportunity to chat with John Dowey – who just so happens to be a Senior Analyst with RSM Australia (phew!).

RSM Australia is a member of RSM, the world’s 6th largest audit, tax and consulting firm network. With over 1200 staff and 31 offices across Australia – they’re kind of a big deal.

Join us as we chat with John and learn all about:

  • Who RSM are, what they do, and the roles available.
  • How John started his career at RSM and why they’ve stood out as an employer of choice for him.
  • What culture looks like at RSM and why this has been important for John as he starts his career.
  • Why it’s never too late to change your mind – and why you should, when you need to!
  • The importance of mentors as you set out on your career path.
  • Why embracing failure is way more important than striving to be perfect.

We loved hearing from John and discovering more about RSM, and we’re confident you will too!

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Having grown into one of Australia’s leading professional services firms over the last 99 years, RSM Australia is committed to enabling clients to understand better what matters most to their business.

RSM Australia offers leading professional services with extensive networks, learning and career opportunities – within a highly supportive, people-oriented workplace.

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