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Combine Genuine Creativity & Innovation: Explore Your Career At Visy!

06 December 2023

What about a company that would inspire someone to work for them for eighteen years?

It all comes back to innovation, says Sean – Innovation Projects Manager at Visy.

Not only is he leading the way in innovating their products, but he’s continually innovating his career path thanks to Visy’s support.

Don’t miss out as Sean shares:

  • A rundown on Visy, who they are and what they do.
  • How he got started in his current role and his career with Visy.
  • What innovation means to Visy.
  • How Sean applies his experience and education to keep the company fresh and ahead of the game!
  • Sean’s top tips and advice on the skills and attributes for a successful career path – no matter where you start.
  • Why Visy is a great place to explore, learn and grow, even if you’re not sure what you want to do.

We loved learning about the different aspects of Visy and the varied career paths on offer. Whether you are business-minded, customer-focused or want to use your creative skills in a truly innovative environment – Visy has a role for you!

Find out more

Visy is an Australian-owned, global leader in the sustainable packaging and recycling industries.

Using innovative closed-loop systems, they’re helping to power a circular economy that provides sustainable packaging for Australian food and beverage companies and supports our planet and communities.

Head to our exclusive Visy employer profile on Explore Careers to learn more!

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