At Ausgrid, our vision is simple; for our communities to have the power for a resilient, affordable net zero future.

We are the largest distributor of electricity on the east coast of Australia, providing power to over 1.8 million customers – that’s over four million Australians relying on us every day.

Our network is made up of substations, powerlines, underground cables, and power poles, spanning 22,275 square kilometres throughout Sydney, the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley. Our primary focus is the safe management and operation of the electricity network. Day-to-day, we are actively operating, maintaining, repairing, and building our electricity network with a focus on safety and reliability. Our job is to make sure the network is ready for a future where renewables play a major role in the power mix.

Our robust workforce of over 2800 employees takes pride in knowing that the work we collectively achieve today will transform the world tomorrow.

Application Process

Step 1. Apply 

Make sure you take the time to read the job posting! Once your interest has been sparked, tailor your resume to demonstrate your alignment with the program by articulating your experience and relevant qualifications.

Kickstart your application process by uploading your resume, University transcript (or relevant evidence), and cover letter to create your candidate profile.

We’d recommend that you use this opportunity to also personalise your application, by including details of your extracurricular activities to ensure you set yourself apart from other applicants.

Step 2. Review 

The hiring panel will review your application and assess your alignment with the program. If your application is successful, you will be invited to interview.

At this stage, shortlisted applicants will also receive requests to complete background checks.

Step 3. Interview

To prepare for your interview, ensure you have researched Ausgrid, and identify how your passion/career aspirations align with the many innovative projects in our pipeline.

Your interview will be with a panel made up of senior leaders and subject matter experts in your relevant business stream.

If you are successful in your interview, you may be invited to the group assessment centre.

Step 4. Assessment Centre

Assessment centres will include a group activity hosted and assessed by an interview panel. This is an opportunity for you to stand out amongst your peers, and network with respected leaders in the business.

Step 5. Offer 

If you’ve been successful in your application, you will receive a verbal offer followed by a contract/letter.

You are now ready to light up your career!


Ausgrid strives to be a sustainable business. We work safely and responsibly to deliver on our vision for communities to have the power in a resilient, affordable, net zero future.

We are committed to continually improving our performance on all material ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues. Ausgrid’s ESG guiding principles are set out in our Sustainability Policy (you can access this on the Ausgrid website).

Our Sustainability Report describes how we address the ESG issues that matter most to our stakeholders. These reports are produced in accordance with the core requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), as outlined in our GRI Content Index Table.

Highlights from 2022

  • 24.9% reduction in scope 1, 2 (excl. line losses), and selected 3 emissions (our target is a 44% reduction on 2017 levels by end of the financial year 2024)
  • Installation of 3 community batteries
  • 87% of the outage and emergency calls were answered within 30 seconds (regulatory benchmark of 81.25%)
  • $21m in incremental operational expenditure savings
  • 74.8 Supply Reliability System Average Interruption Duration Index (average minutes a customer is without electricity)
  • ∼ 12m malicious, phishing and small emails blocked
  • 23% improvement in Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) from FY21
  • 0 significant disruptions to business operations due to staff illness
  • 0 environmental fines or prosecutions
  • No gender pay gap

Graduate Program

Just imagine a future where households and businesses can generate their own energy and sell it back to the grid, ultimately connecting communities and empowering lives.

Are you ready to play your part in an evolving industry?

We are the largest distributor of electricity on Australia’s east coast, providing power to 4 million people and playing a critical role in leading and delivering the transition to a low-cost, reliable and decarbonised economy.

Our robust workforce is sitting at just over 3000, with a 10% increase in the last couple of years. With our organic growth, we continue to invest in our technology innovation, such as drone technology and power pole-mounted electrical vehicle chargers.

We value a culture of working and living safely, being customer focussed, commercially minded, collaborative, honest, accountable, and respectful. It is through our values that our employees grow and thrive in our business.

To build our future, we are looking to enrich our internal talent with people from all genders, communities, and culturally diverse backgrounds.

Program Overview

The Ausgrid Graduate program commences in late January 2024 and paves the way for our Graduates to perform and thrive in their career across multiple streams within our business.

Here are some highlights:

✔ A two year program that offers a breadth of experience across 4 rotations

✔ Industry competitive remuneration

✔ Access to senior leaders, mentors, and networking opportunities

✔ Work on high impact projects with varied stakeholders

✔ Have access to a competitive recognition process for Annual Graduate of the Year Award

✔ Enjoy a fortnightly Rostered Day Off (RDO) in support of work life balance

✔ Reward your future self with 15.5% super 

✔ Gain access to our Health & Wellness programs and discounts

✔ Work for an Equal Opportunity Employer where diversity, inclusion is a priority

Eligibility Criteria

  • At the time of your application, you must hold an Australian/New Zealand citizenship or Permanent Residency.
  • You have completed your relevant University degree in the last 3 years or will have completed it prior to the program commencing in January 2024.

Meet an Ausgrid Graduate!

“Being someone who is passionate about people, I was thrilled to see just how people-centric Ausgrid is as I made my way through the recruitment and onboarding process. Everyone I met across the various teams had a smile on their face and displayed a genuine excitement for what they do and how it contributes to powering our community now and in the future.

Starting my first rotation in the People Services team, you can see the depth of care that’s taken to help all employees within their roles. With just over 3000 people across the organisation, Ausgrid ensures everyone is recognised for their service and prioritises employee health and well-being through various programs, as well as maintaining a safe and collaborative work-environment.

The breadth of knowledge and experience you come across at Ausgrid combined with the exciting and innovative opportunities facing the energy space at this time, makes this a rare and fantastic opportunity to be a driver of change! If you’re looking to kick-start your career, I highly recommend the Ausgrid Graduate Program.”

-Corina Pruscino, People Team Graduate

Bright Sparks Apprenticeship Program

Ausgrid is the largest distributor of electricity on Australia’s east coast, providing power to four million people and playing a critical role in leading and delivering the transition to a low-cost, reliable and decarbonised economy.

Do you have a passion for working in the electricity industry? The Ausgrid 2025 Apprentice Program offers an opportunity to join our very experienced field teams who will supervise, support and mentor you throughout your training.

The program

Apprentices will join our Bright Spark Program in January 2025. Positions are available to school leavers, people looking to change careers or anyone already completing an electrical apprenticeship.

Program inclusions
  • A 4 year on the job rotational program with experienced field teams across overhead works, substations, transmission, underground works and safety
  • Industry leading remuneration starting from ~$42,000 (under 21 years) and ~$58,500 (21 years and over)
  • Building your technical trade expertise, gain various truck/work licences and professional development skills
  • Access to senior leaders, mentors and networking opportunities
  • Work that contributes to community electrification, sustainability and Net Zero goal
  • A fortnightly Rostered Day Off (RDO) and 4 weeks annual leave in support of work life balance
  • Reward your future self with 15.5% super
  • Gain access to our Health & Wellness programs and discounts (including Fitness Passport)
  • Work for an Equal Opportunity Employer where diversity and inclusion is a priority
  • Gain a nationally accredited qualification where tuition fees are covered by Ausgrid and you receive paid time off to attend TAFE class.

We offer the following certifications:

  • Lineworker (Certificate III in ESI – Distribution Overhead)
  • Cable Jointer (Certificate III in ESI – Distribution Underground)
  • Electrician (Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician)
Applicant requirements

At the time of application:

  • You must be an Australian citizen or an Australian Permanent Resident.
  • You must have completed Year 10 and/or be over 17 years to apply for a full-time apprenticeship.
  • You hold or are working towards a driver’s licence.

Register your interest for Bright Sparks 2025

Complete the form here and  you’ll be notified when applications are open in June.


Ausgrid is committed to creating an inclusive workplace around the globe where team members are valued and respected regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

We are advancing a culture that encourages lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning employees to #beyourself at work and in the community. Additionally, we encourage others to become an ally to the LGBTQI+ community to advocate for equality everywhere.

Our LGBTQI+ and allies’ community is one of our diversity pillars as part of our Inclusion and Diversity Council.

The purpose of the LGBTQI+ pillar is to:

  • Increase representation, inclusion, respect and support for LGBTQI+ employees and their allies.
  • Increase the knowledge, expand relationships and connect Ausgrid to the wider LGBTQI+ Allies community.


‘Pride’ Employee Resource Group
The Pride Employee Resource Group is for any member of the LGBTQI+ community, their friends, families and allies. The group provides support to employees and drives the goals that will create further inclusion and diversity at Ausgrid.


To provide an environment of increased representation, inclusion, respect and support for LGBTQI+ employees and their allies across Ausgrid while increasing knowledge, expanding relationships and connecting Ausgrid to the wider LGBTQI+ Allies community. Responsibilities include:

  1. To provide support to the I&D Councils’ initiatives.
  2. To champion and advocate awareness and acceptance of LGBTQI+ diversity and inclusion.
  3. To provide oversight and guidance on issues relating to LGBTQI+ diversity and inclusion.
  4. Put in place measures to enhance LGBTQI+ diversity in teams and promote equal opportunities and inclusiveness in recruitment, orientation, promotion, retention, and duty of care.
  5. Foster the sharing of learnings and best practice LGBTQI+ diversity & inclusion research to determine the suitability of similar initiatives within Ausgrid.
  6. To investigate various opportunities and events to address specific issues relating to LGBTQI+ diversity.

Pride Employee Group Charter Principles

  • Create clear gender diversity goals that align with overall I&D Council goals
  • Drive the achievement of the goals
  • Plan a minimum of two face-to-face events per year
  • Manage an LGBTQI+ networking group to help connect for support
  • Value and leverage the knowledge, competence and experiences of the Resource Group
  • Maintain and promote the Pride Charter through internal communications
  • The Pride Employee Resource Group will lead by example concerning the above principles

First Nations Initiatives

Ausgrid’s vision for Reconciliation is to foster respectful relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians in the communities with whom we are connected and to create opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to lead empowered lives.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employee Resource Group

The first Inclusion & Diversity Council’s pillar is an ongoing journey with meaningful learnings and a commitment to future efforts. Our reconciliation journey began in 2007, with three Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees who sat down to meet and discuss what could be. Over the years, the role of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander network group has evolved and grown. It now acts as an advisory group on internal and external projects and programs, including the development of Ausgrid’s Reconciliation Action Plan.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Pillar was the first employee resource group of the Inclusion and Diversity Council and is committed to:

  • Recognising and embracing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture in the way we work in line with the Reconciliation Action Plan.
  • Communicating and sharing information in a safe and culturally appropriate environment provides opportunities that help and build the capability and participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at all levels in our organisation, promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and community engagement.

Reconciliation Action Plan 2022-2024

Reconciliation is about unity and respect between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and non-Indigenous Australians. It is about respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and valuing justice and equity for all Australians (Australian Government).

As a part of Ausgrid’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), we are working together to build momentum towards achieving our vision for reconciliation. Our immediate goal on the path to achieving this vision is building internal awareness of the journey of reconciliation and the important role our RAP plays towards supporting an inclusive and diverse workforce.

Our vision for reconciliation is an energy industry that recognises the Traditional Owners of the lands we operate on and celebrates our connection to country. It is important that we recognise that our customers and infrastructure live on ancestral lands.

The RAP has four areas each with specific deliverables: Respect, Relationships, Opportunity and Governance.

People with Disability

We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse environment that actively fosters respect, inclusion and opportunities for all employees.

Our aim is to provide people with disabilities, their families and friends resources to support employment, professional development and leadership opportunities, and to share information that enables them to be actively engaged in promoting these opportunities.

Disability is one of our five key diversity pillars, and areas focused on include:

  • Developing, leading and influencing disability recognition and inclusive culture
  • Working towards becoming an industry-leading employer for disability inclusion.


Through the Inclusion and Diversity Council and our employee resources group (DisABILITY), we are committed to providing support to all employees and driving the goals that will create further inclusion and employee diversity.

Disability Charter

Ausgrid’s Disability Pillar advocates for an inclusive culture, continually developing and reviewing plans to support a diverse workforce.

Guiding Principles

  • Ensure that our people act with integrity and treat others fairly and with respect.
  • Lead, guide, and advocate for an inclusive culture, and continually develop and review plans to support a diverse workforce.
  • Disability is a difference through which others contribute via innovation and adaption.
  • Disability is both visible and invisible.
  • Disability inclusion is a fundamental aspect of our business lives and is how we succeed in contributing as individuals and a corporate community.
  • Inclusion is a culture that grows recognition and respect and breaks down barriers in understanding to remove bias and discrimination.

Gender Equality

We know at Ausgrid, we are under-represented when it comes to women compared to other organisations – it’s a fact.

We know that well-credentialed research over the last 20 years tells us that businesses with high levels of gender diversity are more successful than those that do not.

We need to become more efficient, and more productive and think innovatively to produce better results for our customers. To achieve this, we need diversity of thought when we are discussing potential options and solutions for our business challenges.

As human beings, increasing gender diversity is the right thing to do for our female colleagues, women who are in or trying to get into the labour market, girls in school, and young women in university.


Gender diversity is one of the five key diversity pillars of our Diversity and Inclusion Plan. The Council, supported by the employee resource group, works hard to change how we do business so we can become more diverse.

Gender Employee Resource Group Charter

The Gender Diversity Employee Resource Group aims to allow employees from across Ausgrid to participate in the development and implementation of programs to drive gender diversity and an inclusive workplace.

Guiding Principles

  • Our gender strategies and initiatives are developed through inclusive, innovative and collaborative processes
  • Our strategies and initiatives are based on sound business principles. We focus on results, not programs for their own sake
  • The group is a safe place to voice opinions respectfully and we will allow each group member the opportunity to participate in discussions
  • We understand that gender diversity is everyone’s business and is critical to the success of the company
  • Strategies and initiatives will involve volunteers from the group to participate in planning and implementation activities to ensure their success
  • Our gender diversity strategies align with our Purpose, Vision and Values
  • Group members will champion and advocate awareness and acceptance of gender diversity and inclusion within their teams – Members of the group will lead by example concerning the above principles

Gender Diversity Initiatives

There are several programs and initiatives that Ausgrid has developed to drive gender diversity through FY22-23. Here are a few:

Gender targets

Guided by extensive research of best practices and peer review, our inclusion and diversity council introduced gender targets to commence from fy22. These targets are: increase the number of women in people leader roles to 25% by the end of 2025 and triple the number of women in frontline roles by the end of 2025

Group action plans

Across Ausgrid, each area of the business has their plan with specific actions to build more inclusive and diverse teams. These actions include a commitment to have women on each panel, increased delivery measures in Ausgrid’s mysay employee survey, and visible commitment from leaders to support key diversity events.

Leadership programs

Sponsorship of selected Ausgrid women to complete a leadership program through women and leadership Australia. Those selected include emerging leaders, and mid-level and senior leaders. Mentoring circles a program for women in Ausgrid that is made up of a small circle of women, who learn from each other and are mentored by senior leaders.

Networking events

To drive awareness and understanding of key gender issues and provide opportunities for women to expand their network and exposure across Ausgrid.

Parental leave resources

Development of a set of employee and leader resources to drive retention of those on parental leave.

Superannuation on paid parental leave

In addition to providing paid parental leave of up to 16 weeks, Ausgrid will also make superannuation contributions on paid parental leave. Employee referral program introduction of an employee referral program, providing a financial incentive for current employees who successfully refer female employees to fill vacancies in frontline, leadership and engineering roles.

Behavioural interview training

Behavioural interview training for all interview panel members to reinforce good practice around selection decisions and bias.

Cultural Diversity

At Ausgrid, cultural diversity is one of our strengths and is at the heart of who we are.

It makes Ausgrid a great place to work and we aim to celebrate all employees for their different cultural backgrounds, united by Ausgrid’s values.


Our MOSAIC (Multicultural Organisation Supporting an Inclusive Culture) community at Ausgrid is one of our 5 key diversity focus areas. Through our MOSAIC resource group and Inclusion and Diversity Council, we are focused on providing support to employees and driving the goals that will create further inclusion and diversity at Ausgrid.

The purpose of Ausgrid’s MOSAIC is to:

  • Grow the cultural awareness of our employees
  • Work towards ensuring our workforce better reflects the cultural diversity of our community
  • Ensure employees from all cultural backgrounds feel included and welcome

Celebrating Diversity

Ausgrid celebrates a diverse range of cultural and religious celebrations each year, such as Harmony Day, Diwali and Eid along with various others. Our employees are encouraged to participate in events that often run across our depots. Our employee resource group co-ordinate a number of activities and events throughout the year to increase cultural awareness and understanding of the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive culture.

There are currently no jobs available

Unfortunately there are currently no positions available at Ausgrid, please check back soon.