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You’ve probably noticed our trademark Middy’s ‘Pink’ Branches.

Middy’s is Australia’s largest independent electrical wholesaler, servicing the electrical contractor as well as data & security installers with branches Australia-wide.

Every day we work with over 10,000 electrical contractors, data & security installers and electro-technology professionals to provide their daily materials needs throughout Australia. From mines to skyscrapers, houses to factories, there’s no job too big or small. We’ve been in the business for over 90+ years now, so we know a thing or two about our industry.

Australia’s “electro-technology” industry is growing rapidly, and so are we. As markets converge, it is bringing more opportunities for our customer base, and today, we operate in exciting sectors such as home & building automation, security & CCTV, data & communications, not to mention our traditional electrical & industrial markets. All in all, this means an opportunity for our staff to develop their skills & realise their potential.


1928 Founded
100+ Branches
700+ Employees

Join the Middy’s Family

Middy’s employs over 700 staff across various fields in the electrical wholesale industry nationwide, and we’re always looking for quality people to grow our family.

We employ people in areas of customer service, marketing, finance, administration, logistics and technology. Our focus is wherever possible to promote from within and provide opportunities for our employees to grow with us, develop their skills and enjoy the rewards. From the branches to sales management, we have many great stories to tell about our employees.

If you think you can fit the bill and are interested in building a career with a great Australian company that values you as an individual, why wait?

We’ll help you achieve your goals

At Middy’s we provide support, direction and most importantly training for our staff to assist you in your career development.

We have pioneered registered training courses in electrical wholesaling that are today government-recognised qualifications. This in conjunction with extensive product-based training provides our staff with the edge.

Family Owned & Run

While Middy’s is a large company, the family values hold true in all elements.

Our size and geographic diversity provide career options in broad and diverse employment areas throughout Australia. The ongoing family involvement in the company ensures decision-making is clear and concise.

Find out more about Middy’s Core Values.

Industry Sectors

Employment opportunities exist in a number of emergent Industry sectors.

Our responsibility is not only to provide our trademark service but also to assist our customers in growing their businesses into new and specialised markets.

Thousands of electricians around Australia buy from Middy’s every day. By broadening our horizons, we offer increased business opportunities to our customers and employees alike. Our staff can develop their knowledge and expertise in a number of sectors of leading-edge industry technology.


From home theatre to board rooms right through to professional broadcast applications. Middy’s service technicians, systems integrators & installers with a broad range of products & services.


A comprehensive range of carrier-approved products servicing copper & fibre optic networks from external plants to exchange connectivity equipment.


Data & communication systems covering copper & fibre networks providing end-to-end networking including Structured Wiring Systems, Cabling, Racks & Cabinets and Test Equipment.


The industry’s biggest range of quality electrical brands & installation products for every room in every home. Solutions incorporating the latest trends in design and electronics.


Industrial solutions for a broad range of applications with stocks and expertise for major brands such as Schneider Electric, Merlin Gerin, Sprecher & Schuh, ABB, NHP and many, many more.


Middy’s leads the industry in the exciting and emerging field of Smart Wiring, Home & Building Automation. Our network of working display centres known as ‘Middy’s Technologies Smart Centres’ demonstrates leading-edge concepts and products in action. With an extensive range of market-leading brands, design consultants and Systems Integrators. We have the ability to facilitate concept-to-completion projects.


Lighting solutions for industrial, commercial & domestic applications. Actively working with industry professionals in design & technical support with Australia’s leading lighting suppliers.


Safety & security solutions for domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. Covering CCTV (DVR & IP systems), access control, exit & emergency systems to service the needs of this growing market sector.


Energy-saving solutions across a broad range of technologies and applications including solar, low energy lighting, presence detection, energy monitoring and voltage reduction.

Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program was established to support electricians with the training and skills they need to have a competitive edge in our ever-changing Australian Electrical Industry. The Middy’s Scholarship Program awards $100,000 worth of electrical industry training across 7 x $10,000 Gold and 6 x $5,000 Silver Scholarships.

Now in its 14th year, we are enormously proud that our Scholarship Program has delivered well over $1M worth of Scholarships since 2009. If you want to be one of this year’s 13 recipients, all you need to do is complete the online application and tell us why you think you or one of your employees deserves a Middy’s Scholarship. Judging of applicants will be by an independent panel comprising industry professionals from ESV, NECA and Connections Magazine.

The winners will be personally notified by a member of Middy’s management and will be invited to the Scholarship Awards Presentation in November 2022. Mingle alongside industry leaders, Middy’s directors and hear from keynote speakers at a night that celebrates industry excellence. Interstate winners and partners are flown into Melbourne with accommodation included to attend.

Scholarship Course List

The Scholarship Program enables you to choose any training you want from any RTO nationwide.

The Middy’s Scholarship Program has been designed to tailor to the individual needs of each recipient according to their career goals and business needs.

Scholarship recipients can select from courses that are relevant to them from any Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia.

Recipients can source and choose their own training at a time and location that suits them to the value of the awarded package. Training is to be undertaken in the 2023 calendar year.

Move your business or job position forward in our rapidly changing industry environment by choosing what you want to learn to further your career.

A sample of some of the courses you may choose to undertake:

Safety Courses

  • Construction Induction Card
  • CPR & Low Voltage Rescue
  • OHS Management for Managers & Supervisors
  • Confined Space Entry, Working at Heights
  • Asbestos Safety

Business & Management Courses

  • Registered Electrical Contractors (Business)
  • Estimating Electrotechnology Projects
  • Certificate IV/Diploma in Project Management

Data Comms Courses

  • Open Registration
  • Structured & Coaxial Cabling
  • Optical Fibre
  • Networking & Comms Room Basics

Energy Efficiency & Renewables Courses

  • Solar Grid Connect
  • Battery Storage for Grid Connect System
  • New Energy Technology Systems (NETS)

Electrical Specialisations Courses

  • Construction Wiring
  • Construction Wiring Refresher
  • Electrical Installation Testing

Lifestyle Control / Automation Courses

  • Courses C-Bus & Nero Automation Control Systems
  • Lighting Control System Setup
  • Smart Control Home Solutions

CCTV & Intercom Courses

  • CCTV Into & Intruder Alarms

MATV Courses

  • Digital Terrestrial Reception Systems

Meet Leigh

2020 Gold Winner – Leigh Taggart

What is your current employment in the Electrical Trades industry?

“After working mainly in the commercial sector throughout and after my apprenticeship, I decided to take the plunge and start my own business 4 years ago. I took on every opportunity that came my way and have built up a steady flow of work. I am looking to put on a new apprentice to enable me to take on bigger projects whilst still attending to my existing clients’ needs. Using experienced sub contractors works well, however, I would like to help and train a new apprentice, as it’s essential for me going forward. I have an A Grade license as well as the Open Cablers Registration and a Security Equipment Installer license. I work across all three sectors of commercial, residential and industrial.”

How has the Middy’s Scholarship Award helped your business grow? 

“My aspirations for the business are to one day be in a position where I can be off the tools and in a permanent managing role. Winning the Middy’s Scholarship has already enabled me to get closer to this goal. I’ve recently undertaken my first C-Bus Automation project and it’s this high-end residential sector that I wish to target more. Specialising in Home Automation and Energy efficient technology is the future, and undertaking training in these areas helps me obtain and win this kind of work. I am currently quoting a big KNX automation job with DALI lighting control on a high end architecturally designed home. Homes such as this are more like small commercial projects, and the training in estimating and smart home automation has been a huge benefit. The training positions me well to combine traditional income streams with new opportunities and technologies.”

How do you see these new business opportunities evolving?

“Doing typical light and power work is still relevant, but working towards home automation makes sense as everything now works together, including the integration of renewables. Home control and automation are particularly relevant for in Home care, which as our population ages is a huge growth market. There are also many applications in the disability sector. I believe automation will be in all homes in some capacity in the near future, as the majority of products we purchase these days are “connected”, or have the ability to be involved within our smart home network in some way. The ability to see the power consumption of household items, and which ones are drawing the most power via these new technologies is fantastic. It is one of the main factors why my clients are interested in these products, along with how they can control lights and appliances via an app or via voice control, plus the ease of which they can control their access, audio visual and security systems.”

What courses have you undertaken with your Middy’s Scholarship?

“In a marketplace that is always changing, I looked at courses that would help keep me up to date with the technologies needed for the tasks at hand. My Scholarship enabled me to complete several courses that have helped in this regard. The short EV intro course was completed at Middy’s Smart Centre in Mulgrave. The other courses I did were at NECA’s training centre in Carlton, including the pilot course for IOT which was great. I am looking at undertaking more. Most of the courses are a combination of face to face learning and online which suits me well.”

I notice you are a NECA member, do you think this is advantageous?

“Yes, definitely. I received an additional discount on the NECA courses by being a NECA member, so this helped stretch my Scholarship funds even further. Anyone in the industry can join NECA, and they should. I’ve found the membership pays for itself as the access to regulations and industry OH&S requirements is invaluable. Also NECA broadcasts regular industry news which is good to keep up to date with.”

When you submit a quote on a project do you think your training makes a difference to winning the work?

Yes, it gives me the confidence to know I am making a professional presentation, with sound skill sets to back me up. Having the training and a professional approach makes a difference and sets me apart, increasing my chances of winning a job.

How have you found the challenge of finding the time for additional training?

“It’s never easy, but you just make the time. Completing an estimating course was paramount to utilising my time better in regards to quoting jobs, trying to find that work/life balance, especially as I’m now a father to a little girl. As our girl grows up, work life balance is an ongoing challenge, and having better skills means less time up late doing paper work. I’m also very blessed with my partner who does all the hard work. It takes a team to raise a child and run a business, having a supportive partner is so important.”

How was the application process, would you recommend others to apply for a Middy’s Scholarship?

“Yes for sure, this was my 2nd application and this time around I was lucky enough to win a Gold package. So don’t be discouraged if you are not successful on your first attempt. The application process is online and is straightforward. Just take your time and put some thought into your answers. I’d also like to give a big shout out to my local Middy’s branch in Thomastown, the crew of Manager Andrew Neave and Reps Hayden Rowe are great and always go the extra mile, which is why I use Middy’s. When I won the Scholarship I also heard directly from both directors, Nicholas and Anton Middendorp congratulating me, which was really nice.”

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