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Switch On Success With a Surprisingly Unique Career At Middy’s

01 February 2024

You’ve probably seen Middy’s bright pink buildings around. And you probably think you know the types of roles they offer.

Electrical company = electrical roles, right?

But there’s a world of opportunity awaiting you with these leaders! Harrison joins us in our latest interview to blow the fuse and open the door into what you could do.

As a Digital Marketing Coordinator, Harrison takes the lead on delivering Middy’s social platforms. He shares more on his role and career journey. Dive in and discover:

  • More on who Middy’s are (you can’t miss them!) and what they do.
  • How Harrison started with his role after graduating and is supported to grow his skills.
  • What his role involves and the
  • How working with Middy’s equips you with an incredible array of skills that will set you up for almost any field!
  • How Middy’s creates a strong team support network for all.

Along with the advice he’d give his younger self (that we think EVERY young person should hear), this is the kind of interview that will definitely grow your perceptions of a unique company.

Find Out More

Middy’s is Australia’s largest independent electrical wholesaler. They help electrical contractors and data & security installers with branches Australia-wide.

Middy’s operates in exciting sectors including home & building automation, security & CCTV, data & communications. Not to mention traditional electrical and industrial markets. This means there’s opportunity for all staff to develop their skills and realise their potential.

Find out more about at their exclusive Explore Careers employer profile!

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