Australian Government Career Pathways

Government, Community & Emergency Services

Build a career that is unique to you.

The Australian Public Service (APS) offers a lifetime of career opportunities. It’s not just about what you can do, but what you want to do and where. The APS is made up of departments and agencies responsible for delivering for the government of the day and the Australian community. Our work is essential to the future wellbeing and security of all Australians. We work across private, state and territory government, community sectors and internationally to provide advice and deliver programs, policies and services to Australian citizens.

Career Pathways is an APS initiative that brings together all entry-level pathways into the public service, making it easier for you to explore all the avenues available for you to find your fit. Whether you’re a high school student, school leaver, early career, graduate or career changer, there is a supported and rewarding career pathway for you into the APS.

The APS is a major employer and offers tailored development like training, work experience and employment opportunities for individuals at different stages in their life. Start building your pathway for example, as an apprentice, intern, cadet, graduate, veteran or career changer. We invest in your skills and development through these initiatives, supporting you to be future-ready for whichever journey you choose.

Immerse yourself in the wide and varied work delivered across the APS. Through one of our programs, you could work in a wide array of agencies focusing on many different areas, from health and education to data and digital and international relations and finance. The Australian Government Career Pathways helps to connect you to all the opportunities in the APS and build your career.

A career with the APS is your first step to making a difference and a better Australia.

Australian Government Graduate Program


You can apply once for one, or several, streams and be considered for graduate roles with multiple Australian Government agencies and departments.


Choose the streams that hold the most meaning for you and where you want your career to lead.

  • Generalist: Do you want to work on contemporary policy programs and services within the Australian Government? Graduates from all degrees are welcome.
  • Economist: Are you interested in applying your economics studies to their fullest extent? Become an Economist Graduate in the Australian Government.
  • Human Resources: Are you looking to kickstart your career in HR? The Australian Government HR Graduate Development Program offers a unique opportunity for HR graduates.
  • STEM: Do you want to apply your studies in STEM to develop and deliver Australian Government policy and services? The Australian Government is looking for graduates with qualifications in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
  • Data: Do you want a career that specialises in data including data analysis, research, data engineering, and other specialised roles? For graduates with data specific degrees.
  • Digital: Are you passionate about digital technologies? Work on things that matter with a digital or technical career in the Australian Government.
  • Indigenous: We are seeking graduates from all degrees, we want new ideas, fresh thinking and perspectives from all disciplines.

Trainee, Apprentice and School-Leavers


An opportunity to study and earn an income while undertaking a qualification. This can be done by anyone of working age, in either a full-time or part-time role.


We understand you are still learning and create a supportive environment to enable this.


Learn the skills and get the knowledge that is going to support your future.


We will help you pay for your qualification and study, as well as pay you a salary.

Australian Government Apprenticeship Program


If you are looking for a career change, to re-enter the workforce, or kickstart your career, the Australian Government Apprenticeship Program is a great opportunity for you to take your career in a new direction.

We are looking for talented people, from school leavers to mature-age workers, keen to build on your experience by joining the APS.

Participants in the program are supported every step of the way with opportunities to learn and grow on the job while completing a Diploma of Government — a formal and recognised qualification.


Mahnoor, Program Officer – Higher Education Program Management, Department of Education, Skills and Employment

“Before completing my university degree, I already knew I wanted to join the public service. Working for the Department of Education, Skills and Employment was my ultimate goal due to personal interests. I applied to the Australian Government Apprenticeship Program as it was a perfect opportunity for me to gain exposure to the public service whilst also being able to increase my skills and experience. What I didn’t realise when I started was the work/life balance working for the department would afford me. Not only that, but I have been guided and supported throughout my journey by many teams and sections within the department and made some wonderful new friends as well as creating a network of colleagues. All these benefits combined, makes me look forward to working with the department into the future.”

Career Starter Program

Recently completed Year 12? Unsure what you’d like to do next or looking to get a competitive edge over your peers?

As a Career Starter, you will have a full-time permanent job with a competitive starting salary in the Australian Public Service.

The Career Starter Program is coordinated by the Department of Finance. This is a supported program that allows participants to build skills on the job, learn through structured training and work as part of a team. The Program includes a Certificate IV in Government and quarterly networking events, along with plenty of support from supervisors, colleagues and Entry Level Program coordinators.


By completing one application, you will open the door to numerous Australian Government agencies. If successful, you will be considered for all participating agencies. There are currently 14 agencies participating in the Career Starter Program that you could have the opportunity to work with.


Ruby – Department of Finance

‘I’ve enjoyed building my own personal network through working in different roles. I have gained contacts from external departments through my redeployment to Services Australia which just goes to show how versatile the APS can be.’

School Leaver Program

Don’t just start your career – kickstart it

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) School Leaver program provides an opportunity for high school graduates to kickstart their careers. Through the program, you will enter the ATO in an administrative officer or client experience role.

You will enter the 12-month program with structured on-the-job work experience in an administrative officer or client experience role, and professional training to complete a Certificate IV qualification. Throughout the program, you will have support from a work placement leader, learning and development trainers and a dedicated Program Manager.

Launch your career by gaining work experience and formal training with one of the country’s largest government organisations.

Work Experience & Internships


Develop your skills while you’re still studying. When you graduate you will have the skills and practical experience ready to take on your career.


Experience work at one of the largest Australia Government agencies

Services Australia offers work experience for students in Years 10, 11, 12 and university.

Placements are offered in a range of locations and disciplines including finance, ICT, human resources, communication, legal services, social work and customer service.

Discover more at the Services Australia’s website.


Makayla, Administrative Support – Services Australia

‘I enjoyed my placement and the opportunity to learn more about the organisation. The experience taught me about team work, customer service, and what the working world is like. These lessons will help me with my future career goals.’

There are currently no jobs available

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