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What road will you take?

At Fulton Hogan, we build and maintain the infrastructure that improves the quality of life across New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. Everything, from roads and bridges to energy, water and communication.

We offer opportunities to challenge yourself, learn and grow within a culture that values your opinion and works hard to keep you informed. You’ll get the chance to work with and learn from the very best people in the industry in a wide range of locations across Australia and New Zealand.

We’re big and growing, but this will always be a family business. We always look out for each other and strive to do the right thing. It’s this attitude – and our willingness to roll our sleeves up and give anything a go – that’s taken us from humble beginnings to progressive, proactive industry leaders, open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.

Driven by fresh ideas and opportunities, we know we’re only as good as our people. If you’re open to learning, new ideas and different ways of doing things, we could be a good fit. Join a growing, forward-looking and exciting organisation, doing good work and making a positive difference to the world we live in.


2 Countries
7800 Employees
1933 Founded

Graduate Program

Your road, your future

We specialise in helping our communities operate safely, efficiently and sustainably by building and maintaining their transport and civil infrastructure.

We offer Graduate Programmes in the following business streams:

  • Infrastructure Services
  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Finance

If successful, you will be given the opportunity to join one of these business streams, where you will be empowered to choose the pace and order for acquiring skills, knowledge and experience, while working alongside teams of professionals in an environment that is rewarding, challenging and fun.

Infrastructure Services

Thanks to our vertically-integrated business model that comes from owning and operating asphalt plants, quarries, and research and testing laboratories, we are able to undertake a range of activities in the road, airport, defence and maintenance sectors with a strong focus on innovation and sustainable customer-focused solutions.

You could find yourself working in urban and regional locations where you might be involved in pavement construction, capital works and maintenance programmes, spray sealing, developing revolutionary asphalt and bitumen products and/or doing all this in one of the most demanding and exciting environments – an operational Airport!

Suitable majors

  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Management


Our specialised engineering and construction capabilities span across roads, rail, ports, airports, bridges and renewables.

Take pride in building and managing the critical infrastructure that connects communities and helps us to shape a better world.

You will be tested and challenged in real world environments, with the aim of you developing a number of personal and professional skills, including: estimating, procurement, project budgeting, cost controls, programming, contract administration, stakeholder management, and quality, safety and environmental management.

Suitable majors

  • Civil Engineering
  • Health & Safety
  • Law- Commercial/ Contracts


Our Utilities business offers services from planning and design management, through to construction, commissioning and maintenance for major network operators, technology vendors, government authorities and asset owners in the power, water, gas and telecommunications sectors.

You will gain exposure to our long-term delivery programmes and frameworks where you will develop an understanding of the utilities infrastructure that we rely on daily, and how we can renew, upgrade and/or replace these ageing assets to deliver increased reliability and certainty to customers and contribute to building better, more liveable communities.

Suitable majors

  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering


Our Finance team provides critical business support and aids us in our efforts to create, connect and care for communities.

As a Finance Graduate, you will be exposed to the various regions within our business, helping you to develop a well-rounded knowledge of commercial accounting through to corporate and management accounting.

Suitable majors

  • Accounting
  • Finance

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Meet Brayden

Graduate Mechanical Engineer – University of Adelaide, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Mechanical & Sports

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

Being able to see what you’re working on come together, with a real structure or system coming to life! (and not just on a piece of paper…) Being out on site, as part of a team making a difference is so rewarding, especially being a part of the critical water industry, makes it feel like all the work being done is helping to keep the Adelaide water system running.

Why do you enjoy working at Fulton Hogan?

The people and culture at Fulton Hogan are what make this job so great. Everyone is so welcoming and willing to help you learn, answer your questions and assist to make sure everything comes together. For such a large National company, everyone on all levels recognises and appreciates you as part of the team, even as a graduate, which has really assisted my transition into full-time employment.

How has the Fulton Hogan Graduate Program been beneficial to your development?

The program has been beneficial in allowing myself to experience and work on a number of jobs throughout the 18 months, giving exposure to not only different styles of projects, but also working alongside a large number of FH employees that are all so willing to help you learn and share their experiences. Fulton Hogan have also been very trusting and supportive, providing responsibility to complete sections of work from an early stage, whilst still allowing time to learn on a broader scale.

What would you say is the biggest difference between what you were taught at University and the work that you are currently doing?  

There is a big difference between the theoretical side covered at university, to that of the more project management, constructability and communication approach required in the workplace. University taught a lot more ideal situation problems and how to solve them mathematically, rather than how to manage quality, think about constructability and work alongside people to solve real world problems and bring things together!

What three pieces of advice would you have given yourself when you were still a student?

  • Look further into where you want to go in the future. I’m very fortunate to have fallen into the construction industry with a great company, but I could have done a lot more to make sure this was to happen.
  • Spend heaps of time working on other skills, outside of engineering. My time working in a team and talking to customers at the pub has come to be more useful than first believed –

I wish I did more of this.

  • Don’t be so focused on perfecting everything. Getting things done to a high standard is still important, but in the real world, being perfect is a near unrealistic goal. Especially when there is so many more assumptions made, rather than the ‘perfect problems’ provided through uni.

Meet Kyriah

Graduate Civil Engineer – CQUniversity, Bachelor of Civil Engineering

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

My job is about providing engineering and project management support in a range of surfacing projects. Some of the benefits of working for Fulton Hogan in Mackay include: working for a smaller team within a large company, the variety of projects and responsibilities and the flexibility of work hours (being able to work remotely if required). By not being surrounded with as many professionals working in specialised areas, you are naturally granted with greater responsibility helping to achieve your professional goals quicker.

Why do you enjoy working at Fulton Hogan?

I enjoy working in an atmosphere which provides plenty of opportunities for learning and growth. I have been involved with a few different projects, various clients and a variety of internal operations. No two projects are the same and you always gain new experiences from them.  

How has the Fulton Hogan Graduate Program been beneficial to your development?

The Graduate Program has helped me develop my professional skills by providing opportunities other employers don’t offer. Opportunities such as on-the-job training and support, a mentor who offers support and career guidance, networking both internally and externally and spending time in other departments.

What would you say is the biggest difference between what you were taught at University and the work that you are currently doing?  

To gain your degree at University, you are required to complete assessments to obtain the highest grade possible. Everything is organised in a structured manner (courses, course content, textbooks & manuals to follow) and majority of the information is given to you with minimal amount of guess work. In contrast, in the workplace you’re required to shy away from structure and come up with practical solutions which work in the field. Ideally, creativity and discovery are valued and rewarded in the workplace over routine. You must learn to adapt to change and take risks to discover new solutions.

What three pieces of advice would you have given yourself when you were still a student?

  • Ask a lot of questions & don’t be afraid to question methods or theories. Spend time thinking about how to apply what you’re learning in the real world.
  • Network & volunteer to build your professional portfolio. Companies like incorporating undergraduates into their teams.
  • Invest time into developing your skills in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Projects.

Meet Linden

Site Engineer – Monash University, Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) & Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

When working on the bigger projects, one of the epic aspects of it is the sheer scale on which we are able to build construction projects. Some of the piling rigs on site are in excess of 20 metres tall with cranes to match, so how we coordinate all these massive pieces of equipment, sometimes in very tight spaces, to achieve our end goal is pretty awesome.

Why do you enjoy working at Fulton Hogan?

Fulton Hogan provides a vast number of opportunities and operates differently to other construction companies: FH seeks to work within the community, for the community – to give back to the community as much as possible. 

How has the Fulton Hogan Graduate Program been beneficial to your development?

The Graduate Program sets out a list of items that you should have an awareness of as a graduate, which in conjunction with the Engineering Career Development Framework that Fulton Hogan Construction offers, can help a graduate start compiling information right from the start of their career to help become a Chartered Engineer when they are ready. The program is self-driven and allows you to take the initiative to seek out and talk to experienced engineers about different engineering topics and to tap into the wealth of knowledge that the company holds within its people.

What would you say is the biggest difference between what you were taught at University and the work that you are currently doing?  

I definitely think that the University that I went to skewed their teachings towards design: how to identify which beam is going to go where in an office building to follow a certain load path, or how to design and draft a drainage system to a 1 in 10 year rain event. In construction, it is less about designing the concept and more about how to we bring that concept to life – how do we get that beam into place given our site constraints? It’s fast-paced, mind-boggling problem solving.

What three pieces of advice would you have given yourself when you were still a student?

  • It’s a marathon, not a sprint – don’t burn yourself out.
  • The learning doesn’t stop when uni finishes – you may see the light at the end of the tunnel to finish your degree but don’t expect the learning curve to stop there.
  • Slow down and enjoy the ride.

We’re Big, Diverse & Inclusive

Our enduring success relies on generating new and different ideas and perspectives. This is underpinned by the diversity of our people and being representative of the communities in which we operate. We strive to foster a supportive, fair and inclusive workplace for future and present employees.

Our Graduate Program

We offer 18-month Graduate Programs in four key areas: infrastructure, construction, finance and utilities. Each gives you an opportunity to get a full view of our business and the experience to help lead us into the future.

Traineeships, Cadetships and Apprenticeships

Keen to get straight to work after school finishes? We also encourage people into our industry through traineeships, cadetships and apprenticeships. Once on board, it doesn’t stop there, our development pathways will open you up to all types of possibilities in your career.

Meet Channing

HR Administrator

Why do you enjoy working at Fulton Hogan?

The first thing I noticed when I started my role with Fulton Hogan was the welcoming atmosphere and the ongoing support from everyone to help me find my feet. The people I work with are a big part of why I love coming into work every day. My team has provided me with endless opportunities for on-the-job learning and growth and have guided me every step of the way. They have also inspired me to start my tertiary studies in Human Resource Management at Griffith University studying a Bachelor of Business – HR Management this year. I wouldn’t be where I am in my career if not for the endless support from my team and the greater Fulton Hogan business.

What is the coolest thing about your job?

Working in the HR space gave me a fast tracked opportunity to meet and know all of my colleagues in the office and out on our Project sites. I love that my role gives me the chance to interact with people in different roles and various stages of their lives each day. It has definitely opened my eyes, viewing how individual departments come together as a business and the way it all functions together as a whole. Furthermore, as a HR professional, I love to analyse each person/team’s contributions to common organisational goals.

What advise can you give school leavers looking to enter into the workforce?

Before joining Fulton Hogan, I didn’t know what I wanted to pursue in terms of a career and now I can clearly see my career path within Fulton Hogan. My team has inspired me to pursue a career in HR, which has led me to further my studies. Take every opportunity presented to you in your chosen workplace when presented with the choice. You never know where it may lead you in work and life.

Meet Iyasu

Engineering Cadet

Iyasu’s journey to Fulton Hogan started back in 2017, when he came to Australia to participate in a business meeting with members of the Ethiopian community. However, after arriving in Australia for the meeting, the political situation in Ethiopia changed during civil unrest and anti-government protests. Iyasu made the decision to apply for refugee status because he felt his life would be in jeopardy if he returned home.

“I had no intention of staying in Australia when I arrived here. I had little support networks to begin with. I felt alone, worried and anxious for the people I had left at home, but I knew that I couldn’t return to Ethiopia. Immediately I started looking for a job, but one of the biggest barriers was employment – everyone wanted local experience.”

With a background in construction and project management in his home country, Iyasu knew he wanted to work in the construction industry in Australia. With the support of the local community and humanitarian organisations that Fulton Hogan partner with to support qualified asylum seekers and refugee Engineers, Iyasu secured an 18-month cadetship in 2020 on the Level Crossing Removal Project.

Iyasu is now employed as an Engineering Cadet in Melbourne and receiving valuable on-the-job training, mentoring and practical local experience by working on major transport infrastructure projects.

“I am fortunate and happy to be employed at Fulton Hogan, because working for the company has increased my capacity and my experience. I have loved my project ‘family’ and the support they have brought me. I can’t wait to keep growing and taking advantage of the opportunities that life in Australia and Fulton Hogan have given me!”



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