National Indigenous Australians Agency

Government, Community & Emergency Services

Follow your passion, shape your career and make a real difference at the National Indigenous Australians Agency.

The Agency is unique, providing endless opportunities and great diversity in our roles, from policy, programs, engagement, grants administration and corporate, and much more.

We are committed to implementing the Government’s policies and programs to provide the greatest benefit to all First Nations peoples. Our priorities are informed by the Government’s commitment to work in genuine partnership with First Nations peoples for better outcomes.

We support the Minister and Assistant Minister for Indigenous Australians, as well as the Special Envoy for Reconciliation and the Implementation of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

We’re driven by an understanding that valuing and sustaining the world’s oldest living cultures, strengthens the whole nation.

NIAA’s vision is to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are heard, recognised and empowered. We are responsible for:

  • Implementation of the Uluru Statement from the Heart – Voice, Treaty and Truth.
  • Leading the implementation of the National Agreement on Closing the Gap
  • Developing policies and delivering programs with and for First Nations Peoples
  • Working with and advising other government agencies on Indigenous affairs matters
  • Champion reconciliation throughout Australia.

What NIAA Offers

Our Agency is unique: we are about people, purpose and partnerships. We’re committed to a common goal, we care about each other and our stakeholders, and we work with our partners to support the self-determination and aspirations of First Nations p​peoples.


  • We’re all about supporting the self-determination and aspirations of First Nations Peoples—it’s our driving force and inspiration.
  • Valuing and sustaining the world’s oldest living cultures strengthens the whole nation.
  • We offer lots of career opportunities in a wide range of positions, from developing policy to enabling service delivery on-the-ground throughout Australia.
  • At the NIAA, our work is transformational—you can follow your passion, shape your career and make a difference.
  • We value our people—they’re at the heart of everything we do.
  • Our leaders inspire a sense of purpose and are accessible and supportive.
  • Our working style is collaborative and agile.
  • We invest in each other’s success and share fundamental values. A driven, diverse and inclusive workplace is very important to us, so we champion multiple perspectives and encourage continuous cultural learning and professional development.
  • We have generous remuneration and employment conditions, including flexibility so you can balance work with other commitments.
  • Our work relies on strong and trusted relationships—supporting the aspirations of First Nations Peoples can’t be done in isolation.
  • We build partnerships by being authentic, sharing information and giving honest feedback.
  • A key strength is our national footprint. With offices across remote, regional and urban Australia, we’re on-the-ground, actively partnering with First Nations communities and all levels of government to co-design policies, deliver programs and influence change.
  • We hold ourselves, and our partners, accountable to achieve positive outcomes.​​​


Reasons to work at the NIAA

We are committed to providing a supportive and safe work environment.

Our employees’ physical, mental and social wellbeing is essential to us, and we have policies and programs to help. We are looking for dedicated, collaborative and resilient people who want to make a real difference to Indigenous individuals and communities. If this sounds like you, then come join us!


  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – professional, confidential coaching and support are provided by Benestar (our EAP Provider). This service is available to help NIAA workers (and their immediate families) manage their general health and wellbeing. Additionally, we have a dedicated support line for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and their immediate family. The hotline provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with a mechanism to access a clinician who either identifies as or has extensive and proven experience in supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • You are invited to grow your capability with our leadership programs, coaching and mentoring, study assistance, professional skills training, seminars and cultural competency programs. We also assist in undertaking a study that contributes to your professional skills and the Agency’s business. We also pay professional membership and accreditation fees which are essential to an employee’s role.
  • Annual Flu Vaccination Program
  • Bullying and Harassment Policy and Harassment Contact Officers
  • Domestic and Family Violence Policy
  • Staff receive a generous 15.4% employer superannuation contribution and have access to the Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme.
  • Full-time employees accrue 20 days of paid annual leave and 18 days of paid personal/career leave for each year worked. Leave provisions are applied on a pro-rata basis for part-time employees.
  • We provide a little extra for higher duties, travel assistance, retirement financial assistance, language proficiency, motor vehicle and corporate responsibility allowance (i.e., First Aid Officers, Fire Wardens, Health and Safety Representatives, and Harassment Contact Officers).
  • We provide an excellent work environment with strong technical support and flexible work conditions – good for work-life balance.

The NIAA has around 1200 staff dispersed across 70 metropolitan, regional and remote locations. Our diverse and dedicated teams work closely with the communities they serve. NIAA staff routinely visit over 400 Indigenous communities. Our broad on-the-ground presence supports active engagement with communities and stakeholders to explain government policies and identify and implement tailored local solutions that address the Government’s priorities in Indigenous Affairs.

If you want to take the opportunity to work with a diverse and committed team on a wide range of complex, meaningful and fulfilling work at the forefront of Indigenous Affairs, then join us.

Career Pathways

You can join the National Indigenous Australians Agency through the following channels.

Australian Government School Leaver Program

“The best feature of the NIAA is the team culture and the opportunities and support the Agency provides for School Leavers. Everyone is passionate in achieving and contributing to the Agency’s goals and vision as we continue to work towards closing the gap.” Amelia, 2023 Career Starter.

Entry level pathway program for candidates that have completed a Year 12 certificate (or equivalent) in the previous two years.

The NIAA participates in the Australian Government School Leaver Program (AGSLP), with placements in Canberra and potentially other advertised locations. Providing participants an opportunity to grow and develop their skills in a supportive and flexible environment, while receiving pastoral care including a buddy and mentor. Commencing at APS 1 in an ongoing role with opportunities to advance to APS 2 at completion of the program, and support to study a Certificate IV in Government or Human Resources.

For more information visit the Autralian Government School Leaver Program or contact

First Nations Development Programs

“I chose the NIAA because it’s an Indigenous orientated organisation, they offer great support and benefits for our mob and myself. So far, NIAA has encouraged and inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and gain self-confidence, and also the opportunity to build a career.” Zipporah, 2023 IAP participant.

A pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to start their careers in the Australian Public Service (APS).

The NIAA participates in the Indigenous Apprenticeships Program (IAP), we offer placements across Australia. Providing participants with the opportunity to contribute to our Agency’s vision and make a real difference in their community. Apprentices commence at APS2 or APS3 in an ongoing role and are supported to obtain a formal qualification. They also receive pastoral care including a buddy and mentor and the opportunity to undertake on the job training during the 12 month program.

If this program sounds like something you would be interested in applying for visit Services Australia Careers or contact

Ability Employment Programs

The Abilities Program is designed to create pathways for people with disability into ongoing employment within the Agency and the broader Australian Public Service (APS) and act as a stepping stone towards a participant’s long-term career aspirations.

The NIAA participates in the Abilities Program, with placements in Canberra and potentially other advertised locations, the 12 month program commences at the APS 3 with an opportunity to advance to APS 4 at completion of the program. Participants receive pastoral care including a buddy and mentor, and are supported to complete study options as part of the program.

To find more information on the AAP visit DSS Ability Apprenticeship Program or

NIAA Graduate Program

The NIAA Graduate program runs for 12 months, commencing at the APS 4 classification with opportunity for advancement to the APS 5 and APS 6 at completion of the program. It consists of 3 rotations through various work areas including policy, program delivery and enabling services.

Participants can be based in Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth with a potential rotation in one of our metropolitan, regional or remote locations. Graduates will have access to professional and personal development opportunities as well as a dedicated Graduate pastoral care and support program.

The NIAA also participants in a number of Australian Government Graduate Program (AGGP) professional Streams. The AGGP Streams aim to achieve this by providing a single streamlined application process covering multiple graduate roles and agencies within the APS. For more information or to apply, please follow the links below:

Other avenues for employment with the NIAA

The NIAA offers non-ongoing employment for up to 18 months through the Temporary Employment Register and Executive Assistant Register which can be accessed via our Careers Page or the APS Jobs portal.

All vacancies are advertised on our Careers Page and the APS Jobs portal.

NIAA Graduate Program

Are you committed, energetic and curious? Then you might just be who we are looking for.

We are seeking graduates from all disciplines who are interested in making a real difference to the lives of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The purpose of NIAA is to assist the Australian Government to achieve its objectives in improving the lives of Indigenous Australians by leading the development of the Commonwealth’s approach, focusing on place, working in partnership, and effectively delivering programs through the Indigenous Advancement Strategy.

While working across the NIAA in our Graduate Program, you will develop knowledge and understanding of the Agency’s key priorities.

Some key facts about the program:

  • The NIAA Graduate program runs for 12 months.
  • It consists of rotations through various work areas including policy, program delivery and enabling services.
  • You will be based in Canberra, with a potential rotation in one of our metropolitan, regional or remote locations.
  • You will have access to professional and personal development opportunities as well as a dedicated Graduate pastoral care and support program.

As a graduate, you will have the opportunity to work on some of our key priorities, including:

  • Working within the Empowerment and Recognition Branch on an Indigenous Voice, Constitutional Recognition or Empowered Committees
  • Contributing to important policy and programs in areas such as employment, education and youth, health and wellbeing, housing, business and economics
  • Analysing the Closing the Gap targets and working on important implementation plans
  • Working in the Legal Services Branch making a difference on Land and Public Law (this may contribute to your PLT requirements)
  • Determining eligibility for various government grants in the dynamic Grants Management Unit
  • Collating data to support the evaluation of high profile initiatives such as the Indigenous Rangers and Protected Areas programs, the Indigenous Cadetship Program, the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing or the Employment Parity Initiative.
  • Working in our enabling functions such as Corporate or Organisational Performance and Change Group in areas such as finance, human resources, communications, governance, compliance and fraud control and cultural change.

Our team

NIAA is very unique. We work end to end, from policy development to delivery. Our staff are spread across Australia – in urban, regional and remote locations. We come from a vast array of backgrounds and have a wide variety of skills. We are an inclusive agency and welcome applications from a diverse range of candidates, especially Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The work we will do

As an NIAA Graduate, you will have the opportunity to work across the Agency to build your understanding of the Government’s key priorities relating to Indigenous Affairs.

You will be involved in complex and fulfilling work at the forefront of Indigenous Affairs, including important initiatives such as the Indigenous Voice and the National Agreement on Closing the Gap.

You will help develop, implement and evaluate policies and programs while working closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, state and territory governments and Indigenous organisations to make sure the policies and programs address the individual needs of each community.

You will provide advice to the Minister for Indigenous Australians on issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Professional development

Professional development is a key feature of the NIAA Graduate Program and throughout the program, you will develop capabilities that will contribute to the rest of your career.

You will have the opportunity to undertake a continuous cultural learning journey through NIAA’s Footprints Program to increase your cross-cultural knowledge including continuous learning in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, peoples and histories. There are also many training courses that you can access as an NIAA Graduate including Writing for the Australian Public Service, resilience training, Indigenous Affairs policy, stakeholder management and problem-solving.

What we offer

The NIAA is a flexible, diverse and inclusive workplace with attractive remuneration packages, including generous employer superannuation contributions. Our graduates start as full-time, permanent employees at the APS 3 level. After six months, you may be eligible to advance to the APS 4 level. On successful completion of the program, you will have the opportunity to be assessed for advancement to the APS 5 and APS 6 level. The NIAA also offers relocation assistance to successful candidates.

Meet Indi

“My name is Indi Amaroo Lowe. I am a Peek Whurrong woman from the Maar Nation and a graduate of the NIAA Graduate Program 2021.”

NIAA Graduates have the opportunity to rotate through three placements within the organisation. We can travel to a regional office to complete one of our rotations. NIAA has many regional offices across the country, and I have been placed in the Broome Office of the Kimberley Region for my third and final rotation. Today I am travelling to the Derby Office to spend two weeks learning about the region’s priorities and gain exposure to the opportunities and challenges remote Aboriginal communities face here in West Kimberley.”

I’ve found that the work in the regional offices is very different to Canberra and often multifaceted. You will often engage with multiple external stakeholders throughout the day, including:

  • Service providers to hold a workshop discussing challenges and solutions,
  • Community members or organisations seeking support in setting up a program or applying for grant funding,
  • Other federal and state government agencies to discuss partnering in developing a project.

Trip to Derby Office – timeline

6:30am – Get up, and head into 33-degree heat and 70% humidity. Sunscreen is a must in the Kimberley.
7:30am – Meet the Broome office Regional Manager who will drive the NIAA 4WD with me. We review my trip risk management plan and ensure we have the satellite phone.
8:00am – Grab a coffee, supporting local business over the quiet period, then hit the road.
9:00am – Dodge some very large cows on the Great Northern Highway to get out of the water from recent rain.
9:30am – Cross the Fitzroy River. No crocs seen today.
10:00am – Visit the 1,500-year-old Boab Prison Tree (known as Kunumudj) and the historic 120m long cattle trough, Myalls Bore.
10:30am – Arrive at Derby and visit the Derby Jetty.
11:00am – Arrive at NIAA Derby office. The Regional Manager is briefed on the latest news and work in Derby and Fitzroy Crossing.
11:30am – Log on. I am currently drafting correspondence for the Minister for Indigenous Australians in response to Derby residents concerned with escalating youth crime.
1:00pm – Break for lunch at a locally owned and operated Aboriginal café.
2:00pm – Call staff around the Kimberley Region to discuss the outcomes of the ‘deep-dive’ with the Minister regarding youth crime.
2:30pm – Attend a Families & Safety Branch Policy Workshop to discuss the assessment of Indigenous Advancement Strategy programs.
3:30pm – Investigate youth education and diversionary programs delivered in the region to prepare for another ‘deep-dive’ briefing for the Minister.
5:00pm – Check in at the Derby Lodge.
6:00pm – Dinner at one of the few establishments open due to the wet season.
7:00pm – Head back to the hotel. Tomorrow I am meeting with a Traditional Owner to discuss how NIAA can support them in starting up their own business.

Indigenous Graduate Pathway Program

The Indigenous Graduate Pathway provides a rewarding career in the Australian Public Service for recent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tertiary graduates. We recruit on behalf of a large number of Australian Government agencies who are seeking a range of skillets and abilities. You apply once through our system and your application is assessed for all participating agencies – no need to complete multiple applications.

Successful candidates undertake placements that will provide the opportunity to be a part of challenging work and make a meaningful contribution to the Australian community.

We are seeking graduates from all degree types; we want deadly ideas, fresh thinking and perspectives from all disciplines. Whatever your area of tertiary study is, there is an opportunity for you.

A career in the Australian Public Service, regardless of which Department or Agency you work in, gives you the opportunity to contribute to Australia’s future. Each Agency is responsible for a different aspect of Australian life, from education, health and community services to immigration, defence and infrastructure.

What you get during your graduate program

As a graduate in the Australian Government, you will get hands-on experience along with formal development opportunities tailored to build your skills. This will give you a professional advantage in the increasingly competitive workforce, wherever your career may take you.

Typically, graduates undertake a structured program which comprises of:

  • Work rotations designed to expose you to business areas across the agency;
  • Opportunities to undertake a diverse range of real work;
  • On the job and formal training to help you establish your professional grounding;
  • Opportunities to build professional networks; and
  • 12-24 months program duration depending on hiring Agency.

Who we’re looking for

If you are looking for a great start to your career, or are looking for a career change and can see yourself contributing to the work of the Australian Government, this pathway is a great match for you.

We are looking for great communicators who are motivated to contribute their skills and knowledge to the work the Australian Government does. For all roles, you will need to have demonstrated capabilities in the following areas:

  • Working with others;
  • Conceptual and analytical thinking;
  • Aspiration and engagement; and
  • Communication.

We strongly encourage applications from people with disability and offer practical support such as making reasonable adjustments to ensure that you are able to participate equally in the recruitment process.

We welcome graduates from any discipline. You will need to have a strong interest in the work of the Australian Government and be ready to apply your knowledge, experience and qualifications to that work. Before applying you are encouraged to find out more about the employing Agencies.

What you can expect

There are three stages to the Indigenous Graduate Pathway Assessment Process: What’s your Story; Meet, Greet, Yarn; and Find your Place.

Each stage encompasses a range of activities designed to obtain a holistic understanding of who you are. Along the process, you may be invited to complete online testing, have the opportunity to meet with representatives from participating agencies as well as attend our Virtual Assessment Centre.

Recruitment Process

To apply for a role in the NIAA Graduate Program, just fill in an application form and attach your resume.

If you are an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander graduate or a graduate with disability, we invite you to apply through our affirmative measure processes.


To be considered for the NIAA Graduate Program, the following eligibility requirements apply:

  • You will have completed at least a three-year undergraduate bachelor degree with a credit average within the last eight years. All degrees must be completed by 31 December 2022 and be recognised in Australia.
  • You will be able to obtain and maintain an Australian Government security clearance at the Baseline level (the security clearance application process will be arranged by the NIAA for NIAA Graduates)
  • You are an Australian citizen by 30 June 2022. You will need to provide evidence to verify pending citizenship.
  • As all positions are located in Canberra, relocation to Canberra is required for participation in the program.

Assessment process

The assessment process for applying for a graduate position at the NIAA will comprise the following:

  • Online application, including submitting your resume with referees and academic transcript
  • Online behavioural and cognitive ability testing
  • Online video interview
  • Assessment Centre, including group tasks and interview

Offers are made shortly after the Assessment Centre, with commencement in February 2023. If you are rated suitable but do not receive an offer for the Graduate Program, you may be considered by specific areas of the NIAA to join their team directly as an APS 3 employee.

There are currently no jobs available

Unfortunately there are currently no positions available at National Indigenous Australians Agency, please check back soon.