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Empowering the Future: Powerlink’s Commitment to Women in Engineering

Powerlink Queensland is dedicated to creating enduring and meaningful career opportunities in Queensland’s energy industry.

One of their key initiatives is to ensure that their careers are accessible to everyone, including fostering diversity and inclusivity within the engineering field. It is especially important to create opportunities for young women  to be inspired by successful women in the energy sector and to showcase the incredible possibilities for girls to grow their STEM careers.

Keep reading to learn more about how Powerlink raises the bar for women in engineering and how you can get involved, too!

Inspiring the engineers of tomorrow

As founding sponsors of the University of Queensland’s Women in Engineering, Powerlink recently welcomed school students for an enlightening Industry Day. This event aimed to showcase the exciting prospects that a career in energy holds, particularly for young women.

Sarah Huang, a seasoned Electrical Engineer and senior leader at Powerlink was among the presenters at the event. She shared her inspiring journey into engineering, highlighting the skills necessary for a successful engineering career. Sarah also shed light on how Powerlink has played a pivotal role in supporting her professional growth.

A glimpse into the future of energy

During the Industry Day, students were treated to presentations elucidating Powerlink’s central role in the renewable energy transformation and  the many ways that engineers at Powerlink contribute to connecting Queenslanders to a world-class energy future.

They were then given exclusive tours of Powerlink’s facilities , gaining valuable insights into its operations.

Powerlink engaged the students further by organising the FREAKquency game. It offered a hands-on experience to understand different types of electricity generators and their impact on safe and reliable electricity transmission. The students participated in ‘speed mentoring,’ interacting with  STEM professionals of all genders, gaining valuable mentorship and guidance.

Fueling aspirations with real-world exposure

Following the Industry Day, Powerlink extended its commitment by hosting Year 10-12 work experience students interested in pursuing engineering careers.

These students had the unique opportunity to shadow experienced engineers, witnessing firsthand the problem-solving intricacies that engineers face. They also visited Powerlink’s high-voltage substations, providing a glimpse into the dynamic world of energy infrastructure.

A vision for a diverse future

Powerlink continues to break barriers, ensuring engineering is a feasible and attractive career option for all.

By connecting young women with visible role models, Powerlink is actively contributing to developing a diverse and skilled workforce for the future energy industry.

Get involved and ignite the future

If you’re passionate about STEM and curious about what a career with Powerlink could offer, consider organising work experience opportunities or engaging with Powerlink’s early talent careers team in 2024.

Reach out to and be a part of the transformative journey toward a diverse and vibrant energy sector!

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