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From Cleaner to Lifestyle Coordinator: Discover Asia’s Journey Founded on Connection

When Asia first told us she was surprised to land her role as a Lifestyle Coordinator, we did NOT believe her!

It’s obvious to us that she was born to do this role, and lucky for everyone, it’s something Infinite Care spotted before anyone else! After working as a cleaner in one of their homes, Asia’s ability to connect with residents stood out to everyone – supporting her career growth into this dynamic role was a no brainer!

Hear from Asia in our latest interview as she shares:

  • Her unexpected journey from family business to the aged care sector.
  • What her role as a Lifestyle Coordinator involves, and what makes it an excellent fit for her.
  • Why so much of our thinking about the aged care sector is wrong, and what makes it such a great place to work (yes, even for young people!)
  • How Infinite Care has supported her career growth and champions the skills and growth of ALL team members!

If there is anyone out there who can convince you that the aged care sector is THE place to start your career and professional journey, it’s Asia! You definitely want to take advantage of this passionate, engaging interview!

Find Out More

Infinite Care are a rapidly expanding residential aged care provider in Australia, boasting over three decades of industry expertise.

With a robust presence encompassing 17 facilities across South Australia, Queensland, and recently, New South Wales.

If you’ve contemplated a career in aged care and are still determining the path, or if you possess a long-standing passion for aiding others and wish to translate that into a fulfilling career, Infinite Care invites you to join their dynamic journey.

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